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Finding undervalued tech stocks

Last week, I was invited to appear on a CNBC “Closing Bell” market panel to discuss market movements during the holiday week. I specifically weighed in on finding value stocks in today’s environment and talked about technology being a sector we favor because, “productivity never goes out of style!” Check out the entire segment by… Continue reading →

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Home for Sale

Preparing for the purchase of a first home

For young individuals and couples, the purchase of a first home is usually the single largest investment they will make in their 20s or 30s. While the idea of buying a home may be overwhelming for these millennials—who may also be juggling student loans, and the new found freedom of living on their own and… Continue reading →

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Dollar Clock

RMD Rules & Regulations

It’s hard to believe that another year is almost behind us. Year-end means a number of things for us at Fort Pitt. One perennial concern for our retired clients and clients who have inherited requirement assets is the matter of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). A recent Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article in which I lent insight addressed… Continue reading →

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Airplane in the sky

Industry news: Boeing $10 billion share buyback and dividend increase

Boeing’s board of directors recently approved a $10 billion share buyback and an increase in their quarterly dividend of 50 percent. Upon the release of the news, I chatted with Forbes reporter Maggie McGrath to discuss what the dividend announcement means for the company, and for investors. I was surprised by the size of the… Continue reading →

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Denny Baish

Helping you keep what you already have

At Fort Pitt we don’t just place emphasis on growing your assets; we also focus on preserving what you already have. Taking into consideration your needs and risk tolerance, we put together an asset allocation strategy that protects our clients, while making sure they achieve their goals and objectives.

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