Impact of fiscal cliff negotiations

Fiscal Cliff FOX

Fort Pitt Capital Group executives are often called upon by the media to offer their expertise and viewpoints on top financial news items that affect consumers’ wallets and bottom line. Recently, Fox Business News turned to Vice President Kim Caughey Forrest for perspective on where to stash cash as fiscal cliff negotiations continue.

Alongside hosts David Asman and Shibani Joshi,Kim offered that despite continued unease over a deal being secured, the market remains the best bet for Americans who are saving for their retirement years. Using the phrase, “It’s the best house in a bad neighborhood,” Kim reiterated that Fort Pitt Capital Group looks for long-term value for its clients and presented a few sectors, like industrials, where investors can benefit.

View the video above to see the entire segment and find out where else Kim and Fort Pitt are putting money to work for clients today.