Market outlook ahead of earnings season

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Earlier this week, I appeared on CNBC “Closing Bell” to discuss volatile market conditions amid concern over interest rates, a stronger dollar and current gold levels.

We see the market reacting to the Fed, just as the Fed wants it to react. We think the Fed would like to put its discussion at the forefront of the public so more people understand the variables it pays attention to when deciding on interest rates and making policy. This will hopefully relax the market and create an understanding of the thought process behind these moves.

No matter when the Fed makes a decision, we’re entering a big earnings season that will tell us a lot about the winners and losers in the last quarter and how people, and companies, are spending their money. At Fort Pitt, we’re ready for earnings season and you know we like technology and retail companies. We’ve found a lot of value in these two sectors over the past year and would like to see companies, specifically in tech, continue to spend.

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