Identity theft and online security seminar recap

Identity theft has been a large concern for consumers, so we addressed the issue by hosting our very own cybersecurity event to enhance education about security measures. The event was a great turnout, but in case you didn’t make it, we’ve gathered presentation highlights to help you understand the process of protecting your identity. Identity theft Put simply,[...] Continue reading
24 July, 2015

Identity Theft Protection Resource Guide

In advance of our event on cybersecurity, we have some material available to help you understand the process of protecting your identity. Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, so it’s important to know how to guard yourself from becoming a victim or know what to do if you fall prey. The document attached outlines the data points an identity[...] Continue reading
20 July, 2015

Pittsburgh interactive cybersecurity seminar

Cybersecurity continues to be an important matter for our clients and individuals across the country. As our lives become more digital, we are exposed to a new breed of threats to our personal security. That’s why, Fort Pitt Capital Group, in conjunction with American Century Investments, is excited to announce that we will be holding an interactive seminar about[...] Continue reading
29 June, 2015

Protecting Yourself from Cyber Fraud

Cyber fraud incidents across the US and abroad continue to rise. The team at Fort Pitt has been proactive with cyber fraud and we are recommending to our clients that they implement an extra security measure called two-factor authentication on their personal online accounts. Essentially, two-factor authentication adds an extra step when logging into an online account.[...] Continue reading
12 June, 2014

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