Charlie’s mid-month reading list

It’s time for another installment of the mid-month reading list. Below are some of the articles we've been circulating at Fort Pitt Capital. Can we blame the recent decline in buyer traffic, mortgage applications, and home sales on the weather? Surely it has been a miserable winter, but a article suggests that there is more at work than wind-chill and[...] Continue reading
17 March, 2014

Investment Advisor magazine spotlights FPCG

Fort Pitt Capital Group is the subject of a feature article in the March issue of Investment Advisor magazine. Reporter Danielle Andrus documents both the evolution of the firm and the formation of the Fort Pitt Capital Total Return Fund (FPCGX). The profile piece outlines the industries currently overweighted in client portfolios, with specific comments on telecom,[...] Continue reading
28 February, 2014

2014 Client Appreciation Event: What’s the deal with “munis?”

We are continuing to post videos from the panel discussion that took place during our 2014 Client Appreciation Event. The video clip above showcases Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager Jay Sommariva addressing recent concern surrounding municipal[...] Continue reading
24 February, 2014

Charlie’s mid-month reading list

Over the past few weeks, Fort Pitt’s analysts and portfolio managers have collected, dissected, and circulated a number of articles. Here are a few of the most interesting and informative that we want to share with our Ramparts readers: Rapid credit growth in China is a hot topic. Robert Peston’s BBC article, “Will China shake the world again?”, details the[...] Continue reading
20 February, 2014

2014 Client Appreciation Event: Should we still be in bonds?

During our 2014 Client Appreciation Event, a panel of experts addressed a number of questions our clients have been asking. In the video above, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager Jay Sommariva tackles the question on whether or not we should still be invested in[...] Continue reading
19 February, 2014

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