Charlie’s mid-month reading list

Over the past few weeks, Fort Pitt’s analysts and portfolio managers have collected, dissected, and circulated a number of articles. Here are a few of the most interesting and informative that we want to share with our Ramparts readers: Rapid credit growth in China is a hot topic. Robert Peston’s BBC article, “Will China shake the world again?”, details the[...] Continue reading
20 February, 2014

2014 Client Appreciation Event: Should we still be in bonds?

During our 2014 Client Appreciation Event, a panel of experts addressed a number of questions our clients have been asking. In the video above, Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager Jay Sommariva tackles the question on whether or not we should still be invested in[...] Continue reading
19 February, 2014

2014 Client Appreciation Event: Market review & preview

During our  17th Annual Client Appreciation Event, our Chief Investment Officer Charlie Smith offered guests a review of what we projected for the markets last year and an update on what we see ahead for 2014. He also covered what we anticipate to be the major economic themes that will impact the stock market this year, which include: GDP growth acceleration surpassing[...] Continue reading
13 February, 2014

Words with friends

Click here for First Quarter 2014 Newsletter By Jay Sommariva With the 2013 Time Magazine Person of the Year award going to Pope Francis, we wondered what the economic “word” of the year might be if there were such a thing. If we had a vote, it would be “tapering”. Although you won’t find it in any economics text, tapering is proving a strong successor to[...] Continue reading
7 February, 2014


  Click here for First Quarter 2014 Newsletter By Charlie Smith Last year at this time, we were moderately bullish. Our base case for the U.S economy included economic growth again averaging less than 3% for 2013, as consumer deleveraging continued and government deleveraging got started. We thought corporate earnings (as measured by the S&P 500) could rise[...] Continue reading
7 February, 2014

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