Celebrating Mom during COVID-19

Celebrating mom

We all know moms are the best, and while they should be celebrated every day, there is that one day a year when everyone is celebrating their mom at the same time: Mother’s Day. Normally this is a day when you take mom out to eat at a restaurant, visit if you haven’t in a while, and make her feel special. This has proved challenging this year with restaurants closed for dine-in services, stay-at-home orders, and people practicing social distancing. Our employees at Fort Pitt Capital Group still found ways to celebrate the mom’s in their lives and shower these women with love. Read on for some happy stories about honoring mom.

Arlene Hoebler went to her mom’s nursing home to surprise her. Arlene’s daughter and her family came as well. When they got there, they called Arlene’s mom and told her to look out her window. She was so happy to see them all and says they made her day!  

Richard Roberto brought his grandmother a surprise dinner on Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day. The meal included filet, baked potato, asparagus, and tiramisu. Yum!

Bill Engel’s Mother’s Day began with virtual church. Followed by brunch mostly prepared by his daughter. After the meal, his sons cleaned the kitchen and the family went on a lovely hike at their local park. Then Bill’s mother and father came to visit – they live in a retirement facility under pretty strict rules — so the family had a “socially distanced” visit on their back patio. After they left, Bill’s mother-in-law came over for dinner (kebabs on the grill!) Finally, Bill’s family settled in to watch a Jerry Seinfeld comedy show on Netflix. What a jam-packed day!

Todd Douds and his family created some beautiful sidewalk chalk art in honor of Mother’s Day. Check out the photo!

Chris Chaney and his siblings bought their mom a gift certificate for a few meals at her favorite restaurant and a gift certificate to her favorite greenhouse so she can pick out flowers for her front yard. Chris’s parents live on the Marblehead peninsula of Ohio so he wasn’t able to see them in person this year, but the family did FaceTime!

 Jay Sommariva picked up a nice meal for his wife and mother-in-law from a local restaurant that was serving prime rib, crab-stuffed shrimp, strawberry cream cake and more. Sounds delicious! Jay’s wife and mother-in-law did not have to do any cooking or cleaning and they were all together for the first time in over a month!

Francesca Leverich celebrated her mom with dinner from a great Italian restaurant in the South Park, PA area. She brought the food over to her mom and was able to see her from six feet away. Francesca’s mom has dementia and is vulnerable during these COVID-19 times so they made sure to stay “socially distanced” but they were all together as a family.

Mike Blehar and his mother enjoyed a nice lunch at his cabin where they can hide from the coronavirus. They still practiced caution, with his mom and dad more than six feet away during their meal. Mike did all of the cooking and cleaning so they could enjoy a nice, sanitary, covid19-free lunch get together. Check out the picture!

Aileen Rohrig mailed her mom her Mother’s Day gift and made it extra special by decorating the inside of the box and adding fun colored tissue paper. Aileen and her mom FaceTimed for the unboxing and loved all of the attention to detail!

Donald Fakner ordered a Mother’s Day brunch that was delivered to his mom’s house. The meal came from a small restaurant in Finleyville that is usually a sit-down place but has become quite creative during these times. They offer pickup orders of family meals every weekend and family meal specials on holidays.

Miranda Metz sent flowers and chocolates to her mother-in-law. Miranda and her family normally visit her in-laws between Easter and Mother’s Day but that trip is on hold right now until it is safe to do so again.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! We hope you all had a wonderful day!