Charlie’s Finance Articles May 2020

Finance Articles May 2020

Here are Fort Pitt Capital Group’s finance articles for May 2020:

We start off with the Bloomberg article, “Wall Street mines Apple and Google mobility data to spot revival.” COVID-19 is like no other shock to the markets, so most investors are discounting traditional indicators of a recovery and getting creative by poring over mobility data.

“Ignore dismal retail sales report: Latest daily spending data shows 2020 is now higher than 2019,” comes from ZeroHedge. Consumer spending rebounded vigorously since bottoming out in mid- to late-April. Stimulus checks and the start of reopenings have driven spending upwards.

ZeroHedge also provides our next article, “Somebody is dumping everything: Mystery investor pukes $333M in real estate ETF in dark pool trade.” At least one mystery investor has very little faith in what the real estate market will look like post-pandemic. This mysterious investor blew out more than 10.5 million shares of an S&P 500 real estate fund, representing $333 million.

Finally, “The robots-are-taking-our-jobs threat gets real,” comes from Bloomberg. The coronavirus pandemic has made humans the risk to continued manufacturing operations. This has accelerated the need for a labor force that doesn’t get sick or locked down.

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