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Finance Articles December 2019

With the New Year comes plenty of new material we’ve been circulating here at Fort Pitt. Below are some noteworthy reads to ring in 2014:

In a recent New York Times article, Insurers Claim Health Website Is Still Flawed,” reporters Robert Pear and Reed Abelson explain how the government’s health care website is far from sound. Although there have been significant improvements to the website’s usability and consistency, the systems that are supposed to deliver consumer information to insurers are still an ongoing issue, making enrollment difficult (sometimes impossible) and unclear for both parties.

For our readers especially interested in social media trends, this article is for you. In this Business Insider article, Jim Edwards explains “Why Twitter is a Huge Threat to YouTube.” With a number of significant advantages in organization, identification, and publicity, Twitter would likely triumph over YouTube if it began to host its own videos in the future.

In today’s environment, the limits to technological advance seem endless. An article by IT News, “Most people see tech innovation as the key to better health,” emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between healthcare and technology. From communication technologies that allow for remote connection to physicians, to unique data collection tools, the desire for convenience and personalization is paramount. Technological advancements are making customization the future of healthcare.

Finally, Alan Blinder’s New York Times article struck our interest. “In Battle Against Fraud in Free Phone Service, the Poor Might Pay the Price details the unfortunate reality that millions of federally dependent, impoverished Americans are facing. In the wake of fraud allegations, Georgia phone companies will be required to collect a monthly fee from users of the Lifeline program. There is ongoing debate as to whether such a fee will really be a deterrent to fraud.

Check back soon for more informative reading recommendations!

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