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Finance Articles December 2019

Over the past few weeks, Fort Pitt’s analysts and portfolio managers have collected, dissected, and circulated a number of articles. Here are a few of the most interesting and informative that we want to share with our Ramparts readers:

Rapid credit growth in China is a hot topic. Robert Peston’s BBC article, “Will China shake the world again?”, details the current state of a country racked with debt and (perhaps) heading for a crash. The article suggests that China is the “third wave” of the global financial crisis (after the U.S. and Europe), characterized by debt growth that is unsustainable. The question we are left to ponder: Is an economically weakened China detrimental to the West?

A fascinating piece from the Ludwig von Mises Institute titled “Tax consumers, tax payers, and the Cox Box” explicates the libertarian class analysis first developed in the early 1800s. The analysis divides the community into two classes—one that pays the taxes and one that receives them. The concept is neatly illustrated with the Cox Box, named after author Jim Cox.

While Bitcoin has skyrocketed in popularity recently, a article, “Saxo Bank CEO: Bitcoin faces serious challenges (needs link to real assets),” expresses the Bitcoin related concerns of Saxo Bank CEO, Lars Seier. Particular issues include owners’ anonymity, lack of regulation, elevated price and high volatility.

Another article, “What happened the last time the unemployment rate dropped this much,” struck our interest as well. The piece compares the economic recovery of the Reagan years with that of the period from 2008 to 2013. This article strips away the statistical veneer to expose the shocking “real” unemployment numbers as they stand today.

Check back at the end of the month for more insightful reading recommendations!

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