Charlie’s month-end reading list

Finance Articles December 2019

Happy holidays to all of our Ramparts readers. We hope that everyone is enjoying time with their families and loved ones. This will be our last reading list for 2013, and we hope you’ve enjoyed the column and are looking forward to continued postings in 2014. With that said, below is a selection of articles we’ve circulated internally during December.

Morgan Housel’s article for The Motley Fool, “The 5 Golden Rules of Finance,” outlines five core principals of finance, explaining most of what we need to know about investing. The principles described are part of the investment philosophy we follow at Fort Pitt.

Frequent readers know that is an outlet we turn to often for a reaction to current news. A recent piece titled, “’The Stuka’- How The Fed Manipulates You Into Believing What It Wants You To Believe,” is a good summary of the “tapering is no big deal” meme which has recently become market consensus. The article compares the Fed’s use of communication as a “policy tool” to the German’s WWII Stuka dive bomber, which was known for its strong psychological affect during the war.

We also found this New York Times opinion piece by Timothy Egan of interest – “The South’s New Lost Cause.” Not only is his look at some Southern states’ refusal to expand Medicaid as directed by Obamacare of interest, but also noteworthy is Egan’s larger outlook on the potential separation this might cause between the Northern and Southern states.

Our final inclusion is another piece from The article, “How the Paper Money Experiment Will End,” offers a framework for the future of the paper money system, and explains how excessive money creation can lead to excessive debt.  The author outlines seven different possibilities for the future of the paper money system.