CNBC: Tough week for energy while Cisco shares surge

Last week was another busy week as I had the opportunity to appear on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” and “Trading Nation” to discuss the latest market happenings.

During the “Closing Bell” segment, I discussed the Hasbro-Mattel merger. As these two band together, it could provide the companies the ability to become more powerful in the marketplace.

I also appeared on three “Trading Nation” segments. During the first segment, I discussed the crude oil and energy sectors as energy enters a tough week. I believe we have an overflow of oil that will create so much supply that it will override demand. 

In addition, I offered outlook on Cisco as shares surge to 16-year highs. So much of the company’s sales are in routers and switches, which is a challenged market in terms of prices. They can’t really get pricing, but are testing the waters with the new software model they are rolling out.

Lastly, I offered my viewpoint on consumer staples. From a value-oriented perspective, I believe the value is being left behind by investors because the S&P is being driven by the big five. We’ve seen a rebound recently in things such as staples and utilities because they are viewed as a place to get dividends paid out. I would love if value came back in style, however a market that only goes up will not give us that. 

Check out the full segments below: