Fort Pitt fix-up

Fort Pitt Capital Diamond

We’ve recently undergone a big expansion at our Pittsburgh office, which will help support our ever-growing team. The renovations began in a smaller part of our office in mid-June and finished in early July. We knocked down two walls, created a new entrance and built more office space for new workstations and storage units.

Directly following, we underwent a larger expansion that lasted through mid-August. We transformed the existing office space knocking down walls, constructing a large conference room, a kitchen and more storage space. Additionally, we made cosmetic changes to the carpets, walls and décor to match our company color scheme. Overall we created 17 new workstations to support our company’s growth.

We’re very excited about our office revamp, we think it will better accommodate our team’s workflow and client meetings as we grow and work hard to serve our clients at a high level. Take a look at our before and after photos to see the transformation!







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