Identity theft and online security seminar recap

Identity theft has been a large concern for consumers, so we addressed the issue by hosting our very own cybersecurity event to enhance education about security measures. The event was a great turnout, but in case you didn’t make it, we’ve gathered presentation highlights to help you understand the process of protecting your identity.

Identity theft
Put simply, identity theft occurs when someone pretends to be you and uses your information to commit fraud or other unlawful activities. Common (and favorite) tactics that thieves use include stolen credit cards or bank information, providing someone else’s Social Security number for employment purposes, and filing fraudulent tax returns.

Social media
Google, Facebook and other social media platforms are changing the way that the world operates. The vast amount of information that people share voluntarily, via social media, presents opportunities for hackers to gather personal information. However, altering your social media privacy settings to avoid oversharing can help protect your identity. In addition, creating a strong password with at least eight to 12 characters and using acronyms can safeguard your social media pages.

When it comes to prevention, what information is at risk? Consumers should keep from sharing their Social Security, birthdate, mother’s maiden name, passwords, driver’s license number, PIN numbers, credit card numbers and bank account numbers. There are also a number of online resources and guided steps to take if you do become a victim. Check out our identity theft protection resource guide for more helpful tips and strategies.

Identity Theft and Online Security Guide

Identity Theft and Online Security Presentation

EdLettieri SteveRyder

Nathan Boxx, Bradley Newman, Jason Seltzer

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Wed, Oct 14, 2020 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

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Thu, Oct 15, 2020 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM EDT

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