Keeping Children Safe Online

The latest in our cybersecurity series, compliments of the SANS Institute’s monthly newsletter, tackles a very frightening and important issue – keeping our children safe online.

Today, our children are more internet savvy than most parents. However, it’s essential that parents take the time to make sure their kids are surfing the net responsibly and avoiding the many risks that come with being connected.

The newsletter delves into the threats that our children face and how to keep them safe:


  1. Conduct: The sense of anonymity that online communities offer, might encourage children to act in ways that are uncharacteristic – cyberbullying. They may also fall victim to these acts.
  2. Contact: The anonymity may also work to the advantage of online predators. Children often lack the understanding that the people they’re connected with, might not be who they say they are.
  3. Content: In today’s sharing world, children are tempted to “over-share” information about themselves and their family online.

To learn more about these risks and specific ways to counteract the threats our children face, click the following link:

Check back next month for the latest on cybersecurity!

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