Market outlook: Earnings rev up & consumer confidence reaches new levels

It has been a busy week for earnings and market-related news. I was happy to appear on TD Ameritrade’s “Morning Trade” and CNBC’s “Trading Nation” to offer my market insight.

During the “Morning Trade” segment, I discussed the strong Q3 earnings season specifically relating to the tech space. It’s been a promising season for not only FAANG stocks, but tech stocks in general. Overall, both the traditional business oriented software and the more consumer facing tech stocks are showing positive results.

In addition, I appeared on two CNBC “Trading Nation” segments to weigh in on specific stock earnings. During the first segment, I discussed the growth stock, Square Inc., and why I consider SQ to be a dangerous momentum.

In addition, Nvidia has become the hottest stock that has been understated by analysts, with shares being up nearly 200 percent in the past year. NVDA may be a little overpriced, but analysts also need to catch up, with this last quarter being the blow out that no one expected.

Lastly, I also weighed in on consumer confidence ahead of the data being released this Friday. I believe that if the data shows stronger than anticipated consumer confidence, companies such as Urban Outfitter’s and Wendy’s will benefit because of the consumer’s ability to splurge on unnecessary, but sought-after, products.

Check out the full segments below: (begins at 50 minute mark)