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Total Wealth Management: Beyond Investment Advice

A traditional financial planner focuses on just one aspect of wealth: investments. But many other factors impact financial success. Fort Pitt Capital Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), a professional advisory firm that offers highly personalized financial advice. We specialize in total wealth management, enhancing every aspect of our clients’ financial well-being.

Our advisors have experience with complex portfolios and can identify the opportunities – and potential pitfalls – that often arise when significant wealth is accumulated. For example, we frequently encounter situations when the advice of an accountant, estate attorney or insurance expert would be beneficial. Thanks to our deep roots in the Pittsburgh community, we can connect our clients with other experienced professionals who share our high standards.

A Personalized Plan

In order to be successful, a financial plan has to fit an investor’s unique goals and objectives. Many factors must be considered, including risk tolerance, desired return, time horizon, liquidity and income needs, tax situation, concentrated positions and regulatory concerns. That’s why we work closely with each of our clients to draw up and maintain the most effective plan.

Each client is assigned to a consulting team led by a Senior Consultant and supported by Junior Client Relationship Specialists. After two fact-finding meetings, we meet with the client a third time to review the personalized investment plan. Formal review meetings are scheduled periodically to review performance and discuss any changes in the client’s financial situation.

Solid Strategy Wins the Game

We adhere to a simple investment principle: Follow a solid strategy rather than bend to market whims. In fact, one of the things our clients appreciate most is our ability to guide them through changing market environments. We also believe volatility should never be confused with risk. In our view, the greatest risk an investor takes is the probability of losing purchasing power over time.

We offer two portfolio management options for individuals:

The Total Return Approach is an individual stock portfolio designed to preserve capital in down markets while participating in rising markets to maximize growth and income. We base our decisions on extensive in-house research and longtime industry experience. We adhere to our strategy during even the most uncertain times, steering clear of the unpredictable and unforgiving world of momentum investing.

The Asset Allocation Approach builds a diversified portfolio using multiple asset classes, including both foreign and domestic stocks and bonds. We utilize various funds and models to best satisfy each client’s unique risk and return objectives, always with an eye toward long-term market performance.

Our Services

  • 401(k) rollovers
  • Account administration
  • Business successions
  • Cash management
  • Charitable giving
  • Education planning
  • Insurance captives*
  • Insurance review*
  • Personal and business lending
  • Portfolio management
  • Retirement income
  • Roth and traditional IRAs
  • Trust and estate plans*
  • Wealth transfers

  *Fort Pitt Capital Group will partner with other trusted professionals to deliver these services.