Portfolio Management Team

Fort Pitt's Stock Strategy

Fort Pitt Capital Group individual equity accounts are personalized, privately-managed investment portfolios consisting of carefully selected individual stocks. The goals of the management team are to preserve capital in negative market periods, participate in bull markets and growth periods, and provide a realistic but competitive investment return through a complete market cycle.

In the end, it’s not what you make but what you keep that counts. Unlike other investment firms, we realize that taxes may be owed on sales of low-cost basis holdings. We actively work to minimize the taxes you pay by limiting short-term gains in order to optimize your investments.

Investment Management Advisors

A Time-Tested Approach to Money Management

A Time-Tested Approach to Money Management

Our team of professional portfolio managers and analysts employs a time-tested approach to the markets that is embodied in the management records of successful investors worldwide. This approach has five key ingredients:

  1. Establish a Clear Understanding
  2. A Business-Like Approach
  3. Manage Risk: Buy Value.
  4. Control Costs
  5. Monitor Results

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