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Employee 401(k) Retirement Plan Services – and Beyond!

As a retirement plan sponsor, you have an essential role. It sounds like an exaggeration, but when you devise a retirement plan for your employees, their futures are truly in your hands. To make the planning process easier and more efficient, hire professionals to handle your employee 401(k) retirement plan services and other employee retirement plans.

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we help corporate retirement plan managers devise a strategy that most benefits their employees. With over 25 years of experience, our skilled advisors provide individualized services to create a retirement plan that benefits both you and your workers.

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Why Use Our Employee 401(k) Retirement Plan Services?

A 401(k) retirement plan allows employees to stockpile a portion of their salary into their savings accounts for future use. As a retirement plan sponsor, you can provide funds to match your employees’ contributions and prepare them for their financial futures.

Our team of in-house consultants at Fort Pitt Capital Group lightens your load with reliable strategies and individualized planning to satisfy you and your workers.

We Work With You To Create a Plan

We Work With You To Create a Plan

Your employees are unique and have a wide range of personal and financial situations, so why should their retirement plans be identical? We work with you directly to create a customized plan that caters to all your employees’ needs.

We also monitor your plan and ensure it adheres to the proper legal requirements, so you can feel secure knowing that your retirement plan is lawful and legitimate.

Retain Your Best Employees

The key to a successful and high-functioning business is dedicated employees. When you develop a retirement plan that benefits your workers, they’re more likely to feel valued and secure. This sense of worker satisfaction enhances employee retention and ultimately contributes to the overall prosperity of your business.

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If you’re a retirement plan sponsor, contact Fort Pitt Capital Group today. Our in-house advisors specialize in financial planning, investment analysis, and wealth management services and create individualized results for our clients. When you partner with us, you can rest easy knowing highly qualified professionals handle your assets responsibly and effectively.

To book employee 401(k) retirement plan services, complete our contact form or call us at (800) 471-5827.

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