Financial outsourcing can help you reach your goals.

Financial outsourcing can  help you reach your goals.

Many financial professionals tend to treat nonprofits and their portfolios like a turnkey product, which works well for the professional, but not for the client.

At Fort Pitt Capital, your financial goals come first.

You drive everything we do. From the start, we work with you – side by side – to chart a business plan that serves your organization’s missions and goals. Then, we educate you every step of the way.

We believe that effective communication is the cornerstone of a robust and prosperous relationship. We focus on you, listen to you, speak your language, and make sure you know everything necessary when it’s time to report back to your board.

We focus on your finances so you can manage the mission.

Seeking to outsource financial services?  Choose an investment firm with an obsession for doing good.

We understand the high expectations placed upon you as the leader of a nonprofit. Fulfilling your duties and being a good steward of the money entrusted to you is critical to your mission’s success. We help you realize your goals by shouldering some of that responsibility.

We create investment strategies designed to optimize your foundation or endowment to support your efforts both now and in the future. We also offer guidance that can increase awareness of the opportunities for current and potential donors to give to your efforts.

Performance is everything — your institution depends on it.  Even more, you need someone you can trust. Fort Pitt Capital provides an impartial evaluation of your portfolio strategy, asset allocation, investment selection, opportunities, risk level, and return targets, as well as a keen eye for costs.

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