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Meeting Financial Goals

From professionals, lawyers, business owners to those retirement-ready or seeking a solid financial plan, you’d be hard-pressed to find a scenario that we have not worked with successfully. Let our experience benefit you.

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Ready to Retire

How do you know when you’re ready to retire, and how do you navigate the move from working life to your golden years? You don’t have to make the decisions on your own. At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we have been in the financial services industry since 1995, and understand what it takes to plan for big life changes like retirement.

We’ve compiled this guide to help you understand how working with Fort Pitt Capital Group can help you enjoy retirement. We review our process below so you know what to expect.

Financial Advisors for Retirement Planning

Your retirement years mean some significant financial changes. You may no longer want or be able to work, but you may have plans to pursue passion projects, travel, or enjoy other adventures. Maybe you simply want to be sure you have enough money to live comfortably.

You need to have enough to pay for medical bills, rising living costs, food, and other expenses in the years after retirement. Skilled financial advisors can help you plan for your future based on what you want from your retirement. They can look at what expenses you may no longer have and how much you need to be ready for retirement and generally prepare you for the end of your working life.

Questions We Can Help You Navigate

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, your financial advisor for retirement planning can help you review the most important questions about the process, including:

  • How much do I need to retire?
  • What do I need to do to have the retirement I want?
  • When can I retire?
  • How can I maximize my retirement savings or accounts?
  • What will my expenses be like in retirement?
  • What are the tax considerations of my retirement plan?
  • How can I pay for increasing medical expenses during retirement?

Our financial advisors can find the answers to these and other questions. We also solve the questions you haven’t thought to ask but are essential to answer now so you can plan for a better future.

Your Future Is Our Focus – Our Process

Our financial advisors for retirement use a thorough process to ensure you’re ready to retire. This process creates a custom roadmap for you and involves:

  1. Your first appointment: During your initial appointment with Fort Pitt Capital Group, we’ll answer your questions and discuss your plans, concerns, and goals. This meeting is a chance to start laying the groundwork for a plan that meets your retirement needs.
  2. Information gathering: We look at your financial statements, financial relationships, philanthropic efforts, risk tolerance, assets, professional life, and other aspects to create a detailed picture of where you are right now and what plan would suit your retirement.
  3. Your custom investment plan: Once we have all the data, we create a customized investment plan that helps you lead your life on your terms, today and after retirement.
  4. Implementation: Your financial advisor will review what they have found in your financial picture and make recommendations. They will present your custom investment plan in clear language and answer any questions you have. You’re always in control, so we work together until everything is in order before implementing your new investment strategy.
  5. Follow-up: We engage in an ongoing review of your strategy so we can make adjustments as necessary. Have the markets changed? Have you decided to adjust when you’ll retire? Are you going through a life transformation? Fort Pitt Capital Group addresses how changes impact your retirement plan and makes improvements to keep you on track for retirement.

During every step of the process, the Fort Pitt Capital Group team is always there to answer questions and prepare you to be ready to retire.

Why Choose Fort Pitt Capital Group?

Our financial advisory services company has offered retirement planning services to clients for decades. Our experience and services stand out because we bring you:

  • Transparency: We don’t use jargon or complicated financial terms. Our financial advisors believe you should stay in the driver’s seat of your retirement, so we always explain everything clearly, including costs.
  • Outstanding service: Your retirement is as important to us as our own, and every Fort Pitt Capital Group team member is committed to creating the customer experience you deserve.
  • Careful consideration of your strategy: Our team uses decades of experience, in-depth research, and analytics to create an investment strategy and investment portfolio to meet your needs and risk tolerance.
  • Diversity of experience: The Fort Pitt Capital Group team includes skilled portfolio managers, traders, analysts, and financial advisors who can bring their talents and skills to your portfolio.

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At Fort Pitt Capital Group, our in-house financial advisors are here to create a customized approach to your retirement. Learn more about our services for individuals, or complete our contact form to start planning your investment strategy.

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Inherited Wealth

Receiving an inheritance can be life-changing, allowing you to plan for the future and make needed purchases. Working with financial advisors at Fort Pitt Capital Group can help you make the most of a financial gift.

Financial Advisors for Inheriting Wealth

Our team can help you manage your assets and investments, including your inheritances. We assist you so that your inherited wealth can provide stability and security to you and your beneficiaries today and in the years ahead.

Inherited wealth can cause your priorities to evolve and often creates questions. You may need to change your approach to investments and financial planning. Financial advisors at Fort Pitt Capital Group review your situation, goals, and financial circumstances to create a customized retirement strategy, investment plan, or wealth management strategy for you.

Questions We Can Help You Navigate

Inheriting wealth can be a big change in your life, and you may have many questions, such as:

  • How can I use the wealth?
  • What rights and obligations come with inherited wealth?
  • Is my inheritance enough to retire on?
  • Should I invest my inheritance?
  • Are there tax considerations with my inheritance?
  • How can I leave part of my inheritance to my beneficiaries?

We can answer these questions and any additional queries. Our financial advisors also address the questions you might not have thought of that could impact your financial future.

Your Future Is Our Focus – Our Process

We ensure you get the customized investment and wealth management plan you need. Our process leaves no stone unturned:

  1. We meet at a first appointment: In an initial appointment, we give you plenty of time to ask questions. We come prepared with answers to address what is top of mind for you after receiving your inheritance. Our financial advisors also ask many questions so we can understand your goals and financial situation before and after your inheritance. This initial appointment helps us create a roadmap for your financial future.
  2. We gather information: We partner closely with you to review your financial statements, current assets and liabilities, risk tolerance, charitable donations, professional pursuits, and more. We build a full picture of your current financial situation and future plans so we can use your inherited wealth to create the life you want, whether that means retirement, philanthropic work, or other pursuits.
  3. We create an investment plan: Our financial advisors develop a wealth management and investment plan that addresses your priorities and goals, so we can work together to build the life that’s now possible for you with your inheritance.
  4. We build our relationship, one appointment at a time: Our team meets with you to present your customized plan. You stay in complete control as we review our findings and recommendations and your custom plan, and we answer any questions you have. Once your plan reflects your future goals, we put it into action.
  5. We continue to review your plan: After inheriting wealth, your life won’t be static. The market or your own goals may change. Fort Pitt Capital Group continues to review your plan to make sure it keeps you on track for your goals, and we make adjustments as needed.

Through the process, the financial advisors at Fort Pitt Capital Group are available to keep the conversation going and listen to your concerns. Our goal is to create a plan that brings you peace of mind.

Why Choose Fort Pitt Capital Group?

Fort Pitt Capital Group was created on core values designed to help you confidently pursue your financial goals. When you partner with us, we stay committed to:

  • Exceptional client service: Fort Pitt Capital Group is people-focused. Our main concern is you and your financial future, which is why we listen and partner closely with you to help you achieve your goals. In every interaction with you, we strive to ensure you have an excellent experience and feel supported.
  • A custom investment strategy: We use analytics and thoughtful research to create investment strategies designed around your needs and priorities, not around trends or today’s market conditions. We create custom, flexible strategies and continue to update them so they evolve as your life changes.
  • Transparency: Fort Pitt Capital Group believes in empowering you by laying all the cards on the table. We explain everything clearly in plain language and answer all your questions. It’s your money, and you deserve to understand all the actions we’re taking on your behalf. At the same time, we’re not afraid to say “no” when we’re confident an action could be a mistake. We’re forthcoming about what strategies we feel are right and which we don’t recommend.
  • Internal expertise: Our team includes managers, analysts, traders, and financial advisors who bring different perspectives and skills to the table to design an investment plan for you. Our breadth of experience and multiple perspectives of your portfolio means that we look at the possibilities from every angle before deciding on a strategy.

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If you’ve learned you will be inheriting wealth, act today to protect your financial future. Contact Fort Pitt Capital Group for assistance today, or read more about our financial services.

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Professionals and executives have unique financial planning, wealth management, and retirement planning needs. If you’re a C-suite executive or white-collar professional, you’ve spent years working to build your career and may not have the time to manage your wealth or develop a customized investment strategy. That’s where the financial advisors at Fort Pitt Capital Group can help.

Financial Advisors for Professionals and Executives

Fort Pitt Capital Group provides financial advisors for executives to save you time when creating a bespoke investment and wealth management strategy. As you work long hours in your business, our financial advisors can complete the research and analytics to develop a metrics-driven plan for you.

Questions We Can Help You Navigate

Fort Pitt Capital Group can help you answer the questions you might have about investment planning, retirement planning, and wealth management, including:

  • How can I use my assets and investments to give back and make a difference?
  • When can I retire?
  • How much do I need to retire or meet my philanthropic goals?
  • How can I maximize my investments to protect my future?
  • How can I plan to leave my assets to beneficiaries?

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we aim to answer these inquiries and ask the crucial questions you haven’t considered yet as you plan for your financial future.

Your Future Is Our Focus – Our Process

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we understand executives, business leaders, and professionals are busy and goal-oriented. That is why we’ve designed a client process that honors your time while delivering results. Here are the steps we’ll take:

  1. We’ll set up an initial appointment: Your first appointment with Fort Pitt Capital Group is your chance to ask questions and review your financial situation and future goals with our team. We’ll ask questions so we can start creating a roadmap for your investments.
  2. We’ll review information: We’ll review your financial statements, assets, philanthropic efforts, current investments, risk tolerance, professional life, and other details to fully understand what strategies could work for you.
  3. We’ll craft a bespoke investment plan: We’ll use your data and our team’s expertise, research, and analytics to create a customized plan that matches your priorities.
  4. We’ll handle implementation: We’ll review our findings and recommendations and present you with your customized plan, allowing you to inquire about any questions. Once we’re confident the plan reflects your needs, we can implement your strategy. We take care of the details so you can get back to your career, but we’re always here to answer questions and review your current goals.
  5. We’ll review your strategy: Fort Pitt Capital Group reviews and updates your strategy as needed. Your plan can grow alongside your changing needs as your professional and personal lives evolve.

Why Choose Fort Pitt Capital Group?

Fort Pitt Capital Group offers a boutique experience with the in-house analysts, certified financial planners, and trading system capabilities you expect from a large firm. Executives and leaders turn to us because we offer:

  • Exceptional client service: We work to create an excellent experience so you feel supported. Our entire team is committed to a high level of service, reflected in our timeliness, our communication style, and the way we interact with you. If there’s something we can implement to make your experience with us better, we’ll do it.
  • A custom investment strategy: Fort Pitt Capital Group doesn’t chase market trends or try to time the market because we know these strategies don’t work. We rely on analytics and research to build custom and flexible investment approaches and update them as the markets and your life evolve. We create a roadmap for your financial future so your wealth management strategies, retirement objectives, and investment plans align with your goals and priorities.
  • Transparency: Fort Pitt Capital Group speaks your language. If your professional life has allowed you to work closely with finances, we can communicate with you using the financial terms you use daily. If you’re a visionary leader without a financial background, we can explain your financial plan clearly in plain language. We ensure you understand the costs, benefits, potential risks, and the thinking behind your customized plan so that you can make empowered decisions about your financial future.
  • Internal expertise: The Fort Pitt Capital Group team comprises traders, managers, analysts, and financial advisors. Each will bring their unique skills and perspectives to the table, using a breadth of experience to create a plan designed for your needs.

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If you’re seeking a customized strategy to help you invest, plan for future financial needs, or complete other essential money tasks, read more about our services or reach out to us to set up an appointment.

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Financial Advisors for Business Owners

As a business owner, you care about a lot. You have clients to serve, staff to manage, products or services to market, and a future to plan. None of this can happen without a firm handle on your finances. Your finances facilitate your future, and at Fort Pitt Capital Group, our goal is to help business owners through investment advice, retirement planning, and everything in between.

Questions We Can Help You Navigate

Every business and its owner takes up a unique space in the economy, and we tailor our services to suit each one. Still, many of them come to us with the same questions, which we’re happy to answer through our professional and comprehensive solutions.

How Can I Maximize My Financial Potential?

Financial planning is crucial to your brand’s success. Our investment consulting services offer business owners investment advice that evolves with the times. When you’re running a successful business, you don’t have the time to go through your assets and take on new investments. All we need to know are your goals and current financial standing, and we’ll help you continue to prosper through proven strategies.

How Do I Better Care for My Employees?

Your employees expect you to provide for them in exchange for their services. In most cases, that involves developing a robust retirement package. Our fiduciary professionals understand 401(k)s, benefit packages, contribution plans, and other retirement avenues so you can stay focused on your work while giving your staff a financial future. Financially secure employees are more committed to their jobs, and our retirement planning services for business owners can help them achieve that.

How Do I Sell My Business?

Business exit planning is something every business owner will need at some point. Whether you’re ready to retire, move on to new ventures, or want to be prepared for anything your future brings, our Certified Exit Planning Advisor will enroll you and guide you through our exit planning program. Here, you’ll learn the details of selling or transferring your business and how it will affect your personal, professional, and financial future.

What Else Do I Need to Know About My Finances?

Fort Pitt Capital Group offers several other services that are focused on keeping your business in order because you need a support system that helps you on your way to greatness. Other financial services we provide include:

  • Tax-saving strategies: Pay only what you need to so you have more money to expand your reach.
  • Insurance analysis: Ensure you have the security you need and less of what you don’t in your insurance policy.

Your Future Is Our Focus: Our Process

Working with financial advisors can feel overwhelming, especially for first-time business owners. That’s why we break our process down into five simple steps:

  1. The first appointment: It starts with a meeting. We’ll talk with your financial team, whether that’s your board of directors, consultants, or trustees, to get an overview of what you’re working with and how we can help you reach your goals.
  2. Documentation: Once we’re on the same page, we’ll reach out to any partners and in-house departments to get the necessary documents, statements, and agreements for our jobs.
  3. Analysis and proposals: With all the information in front of us, we can do a deep dive into your finances and find areas we can improve upon. Through our comprehensive analysis, we’ll draft a proposal that details everything we hope to adapt, adjust, and change.
  4. Plan presentation: We’ll schedule another meeting with your leaders to present our findings and make adjustments as requested. Once every detail is confirmed, we can start implementing our changes.
  5. Ongoing governance: As we continue to work with your business, we’ll monitor your progress and schedule regular meetings throughout the year to ensure we all stay on track. Keeping your financial future secure requires maintenance, which we’re happy to take on.

Why Choose Fort Pitt Capital Group?

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we’re proud to stick to our fiduciary duty through every client we serve. That means we make your interests our priority. We believe in transparency, accountability, and objectivity in our business. Rest assured that we’ll meet ethical and legal requirements and our own high standards every time we work with your business.

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There is always room to improve your business. Let our financial professionals show you how — schedule a consultation today.

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Financial Advisors for Lawyers

Every working professional needs a financial advisor who understands their work and helps them prepare for what comes next. At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we offer financial planning for lawyers ready to find new security in their finances. From advice on insurance and investments to preparing for your eventual retirement, we deliver the full scope of financial services. Simply show us what you’re dealing with, and let us create a personalized plan that supports you in achieving your goals.

How Should I Prepare for What’s Next?

Our financial advisors for lawyers frequently assist with these services for individuals:

  • Retirement planning: Retirement planning can and should happen at every stage of your career. We’ll help you get started or adjust your current plan to align with your goals.
  • Investment portfolio management: A well-organized portfolio can maximize your returns and bring you closer to your goals every day. Whether you need to develop your portfolio or reorganize your existing one, we’ll help you understand where the market is headed and how you can make the most of it.

What Other Services Can Help My Finances?

Our financial planning services for lawyers often also include:

  • Business services: If you run your own practice, managing your finances is even more important. Our business services can help you stay on top of changes in the industry and prepare you for anything. Plus, when the time comes, we’ll assist you in exit planning and selling your practice if you choose.
  • Insurance advisory: No holistic financial plan is complete without insurance. Our insurance advisors help you determine which types of insurance will work for you, from life and disability to executive benefits and long-term care.

Making Your Future Our Focus Throughout Our Process

With Fort Pitt Capital Group, securing your financial future involves these simple steps:

  1. Holding the first appointment: Before we can start making plans, we want to get a clear picture of what you’re looking for from us. This first meeting gets us on the same page and lets us work on a plan together that offers the most for your goals.
  2. Gathering information: Our first step will be piecing together your finances once we’re ready to start. We’ll look at your income and donations, assess any risks, and explore how your current state may affect how we proceed.
  3. Writing your investment plan: With all the information we’ve gathered, we can develop a strategy that aligns with your interests, goals, and current standing. We’ll structure this plan to allow you to live your life the way you want from now until your retirement.
  4. Growing our relationship: When we finish developing your plan, we’ll invite you in for another meeting. Here, we’ll present our findings, and you’ll have the opportunity to add your input. We’ll adjust things to your liking, and we’ll put it into action once everyone is satisfied.
  5. Holding ongoing reviews: As your life changes, we’ll pivot with you. When your goals change, we’ll adjust the plan. As the economy rises and falls, we’ll make changes that suit your interests. The Fort Pitt Capital Group team works with you to give you the financial security you deserve.

Why Work With Fort Pitt Capital Group?

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, our primary goal is to do what works for every client. We respect our fiduciary responsibility by delivering clear and transparent communication that does not compromise your needs for our bottom line. We take the time to listen to your financial goals and develop a customized plan that helps you achieve them as quickly as possible.

We have experience as financial advisors for lawyers, so we understand the unique challenges you can face and how proper asset management can keep you ready to face anything. Whatever stage of your career you’re in, we’ll make sure you can navigate it with confidence.

Connect With Fort Pitt Capital Group’s Financial Advisors

Take control of your finances and find stability to anchor you in your financial future with Fort Pitt Capital Group. Our wealth management services have delivered peace of mind to working professionals, business owners, and private individuals since 1995. See what we do by requesting a free consultation today.

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Financial Advisors for Doctors

You worked hard for your medical degree — now it’s time to make it work for you. As you advance in your career and gain stability in your finances, it’s time to start looking forward to your next steps, whether that’s building your investment portfolio, obtaining insurance for your practice, or preparing for retirement. At Fort Pitt Capital Group, our financial advisors have experience working with medical and dental professionals and know how to set you up for a future of prosperity.

Every day, you go to work and take care of the people who need you. Let our team be the people who care for you with financial planning services for doctors.

Questions We Can Help You Answer

Maintaining financial security is something few people understand, and everyone has questions about. At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we’ll put your mind at ease by offering our knowledge and comprehensive finance offerings.

How Should I Prepare for My Future?

As you establish yourself in the medical or dental field, some important areas our financial advisors can assist you in include:

  • Portfolio management: Saving money is a great practice, but growing that money can be even more beneficial. We’ll help you balance your investment portfolio to minimize risks and maximize your money.
  • Retirement planning: In your retirement, you should be able to do what you didn’t have time for while excelling in your career. Our retirement planning services set you up to live the life you want.

What Else Can You Help Me With?

Financial planning for doctors is different from most occupations, as you need support in field-specific operations like:

  • Asset protection
  • Trust establishment
  • Insurance advice
  • Peak income evaluation

Through our years of serving as financial advisors for medical professionals, we can help you navigate these with ease.

Our Process — Your Future Is Our Focus

When you partner with Fort Pitt Capital Group, securing your financial future is as simple as getting through this process:

  1. First appointment: At our first meeting, we’ll get to know you and your goals for this relationship. We’ll ask questions to fully understand your objectives and how we fit into your achieving them.
  2. Gathering intel: Following our meeting, we’ll take some time to gather all your financial information, including investments, professional endeavors, tax information, and charitable donations. These will give us a starting point to develop your plan.
  3. Making plans: With all your information centralized, we can start building strategies that cater to your unique situation. Every financial plan we create is customized to fit the individual or business in question and make it easy for you to live the life you want today and far into the future.
  4. Adjusting plans: After we make an initial plan, we’ll invite you back to review it. We’re open to suggestions of how we can make this document better work for you, and we’ll continue collaborating with you until everyone is satisfied.
  5. Maintaining finances: Now, we can put everything into action! As you age, your goals will likely change, and we’ll be happy to revisit your plan to adjust as necessary. We’ll ensure your financial strategy stays current, and you continue getting what you want from our partnership.

Why Fort Pitt Capital Group?

Fort Pitt Capital Group is proud to be the trusted advisor of financial planning for doctors. Our fiduciary responsibility is to make your interests our own, delivering advice and rendering services without product biases or hidden fees. Our goal is to help you reach your own, and we believe in open communication and transparency throughout the lifetime of our relationship.

Since 1995, we’ve brought financial peace of mind to individuals, businesses, and working professionals who know their finances can do more for them. Whether you’re just getting started in your career or approaching retirement age, our advisors can put you on the path to achieving your goals.

Connect With Fort Pitt Capital Group’s Advisors Today

Fort Pitt Capital Group’s financial advisors understand the unique monetary challenges that come with being a medical or dental doctor. Start making the most of them today by contacting our team and setting up your free consultation. From your first appointment on, you have the support of our professionals for as long as you need.

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Financial Advisors for Female Investors

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, you’re not a “female investor” — you’re an investor. Our services consider your unique needs as an individual, as they do for every client who works with us, regardless of gender. That’s more than a rule to us. We’ve made it part of our culture to deliver equity, compassion, and comprehensive financial knowledge to each client. Our financial advisors make this a priority every day.

Questions? We’ll Find the Answers

While we make it a point to treat you as a client no different from anyone else, we recognize that women face some concerns that men simply don’t. While women, on average, live longer than men, they often make less in their careers, impacting their Social Security and retirement funds. Furthermore, many women will avoid talking to financial professionals for fear of being patronized instead of taken seriously.

Our financial advisors for female investors seek to change this perception by treating every investor with the utmost respect and answering their questions without being condescending.

How Can I Plan for My Future?

Many of our clients come to us as investors and entrepreneurs exploring ways to plan for the future. Investor planning and financial advising through private wealth management is our specialty. These services can help anyone reach their full financial potential while minimizing any major risks:

  • Retirement planning: The gender pay gap makes it even more crucial for women to start planning for retirement early. Our advisors will help you make a plan that fits your current needs and plans for your future.
  • Investment management: Making the right investments offers a solid security net with minimal risk. Fort Pitt Capital Group advisors are skilled at developing balanced portfolios that protect your assets and help your future prosperity.

Do I Need Professional Business Services?

As the times continue to change and evolve, we see more and more women come to us as business owners and entrepreneurs. If that fits you, know that we also offer a full suite of business financial services that help you prepare for your next steps, whether that’s getting better insurance, making new investments, or planning to sell or retire from your business.

Your Future Is Our Focus: Our Process

Whatever services you’re looking for to better manage your finances, Fort Pitt Capital Group is ready to deliver. We make it easy to get started with minimal disruption to your life and immediate support in your future endeavors. Your plan can be ready in just a few weeks after we work through this simple process:

  1. First meeting: Our initial meeting will focus on getting to know one another. You can ask us about how we work, and in return, we’ll get to know your goals for our partnership and how we can work with you.
  2. Information collection: We’ll gather your financial information and start putting together an investment plan that meets you where you are.
  3. Investment planning: We’ll create a custom plan to help you reach your aspirations.
  4. Plan presentation: You’ll review our plan draft and give us any notes and revisions before we implement our strategies.
  5. Ongoing review: As time passes, we’ll adjust your strategies to fit your evolving needs, ensuring your finances work for you.

Why Work With Fort Pitt Capital Group?

Fort Pitt Capital Group functions as an independent financial services company. Our fiduciary duty is to put your needs first. We prove this through clear, transparent communication with our clients, talking you through our process with as much detail as you want.

We want you to feel confident that your finances are in order and will continue to work for you throughout the rest of your life. Let us show you how we do it today.

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Our commitment to customer service keeps our clients returning to us again and again for top-tier financial advice. We’re proud to offer diverse financial solutions that suit any client’s needs and put them on a path to financial security. Find financial advisors for female investors at Fort Pitt Capital Group and experience the difference of working with a transparent, respectful advising team. We’re ready to schedule your free consultation today.

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Financial Advisors for Sudden Wealth

The death of a spouse is something no one is ever prepared for, and you’re left to deal with matters on your own as your family unit is altered forever. At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we are truly sorry for your loss. Our financial advisors for widowers and widows are here to ease this transition as much as we can and give you the financial security you need to grieve in peace.

Navigating Your Most Pressing Questions

Coming into sudden wealth can be an overwhelming adjustment, and most people have no idea where to turn. Fort Pitt Capital Group has financial advisors for sudden wealth situations who understand the intricacies of this devastating time. We’re here to support you and answer your questions about your changing financial situation.

What Do I Do Now?

With the death of a loved one comes changes in every aspect of your life. When it comes to monetary concerns, our financial advisors for widows and widowers can help you manage these processes:

  • Consolidating your assets, including pensions, portfolios, and Social Security benefits
  • Collaborating with lawyers, tax professionals, and insurance companies
  • Creating plans for investments to set up security in your future

Using your guidance, we’ll create a personalized plan to handle these necessary endeavors with minimal effort from you. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of it.

How Can I Prepare for My Future?

When your other half moves on, it can bring on anxiety about your future. Many of our clients in your situation also talk to our investment planning advisors about getting their finances in order so they and their families can be prepared for what happens next. When you’re ready, we’ll help you:

  • Develop a retirement plan: If you haven’t already started planning for your retirement, now is the time to start. If you already have a retirement plan, it may be worth taking another look so you can adjust your plan according to your new status. Your financial advisor guides you through your options and ensures you have what you need to make the most of your retirement.
  • Set up inheritance funds: We’ll help you ensure the rest of your loved ones are financially prepared for the future, should something happen to you. We’ll ensure your funds get distributed in the way you specify so you can rest knowing you’ve done everything possible to provide for your family.

How We’ll Help

When you come to us for support, we’ll make the process as simple as possible. We’ll guide you through every step:

  1. Holding your first appointment: During our first meeting, we’ll listen to your situation and help you determine your goals for our partnership.
  2. Collecting your information: We’ll request and gather your and your loved one’s financial information, such as bank statements, risk tolerance, and donation history.
  3. Writing your investment plan: Once we have the information we need, we’ll create a personalized plan that puts your needs first.
  4. Presenting your investment plan: We’ll present our plan to you, and you can tell us what works and what needs adjusting. We’ll continue revising the plan until it’s exactly what you want.
  5. Completing ongoing maintenance: As we implement your plan, you may find that your goals change or our strategies aren’t working as you want them to. Our financial advisors are happy to update your resources.

Why Choose Fort Pitt Capital Group?

The professionals at Fort Pitt Capital Group have one goal when it comes to you — delivering financial advice that puts your needs above all else. That’s our fiduciary responsibility, and we take it seriously. As we walk with you through this challenging time, we are open to suggestions you have about how we can make our services work better for you, and we approach every conversation with clarity and transparency.

Contact a Fort Pitt Capital Group Advisor Today

Fort Pitt Capital Group is here for you. We can take some of your largest concerns off your plate so you can better manage your day-to-day. Let us join your support system — reach out and request a free consultation today.

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Financial Advisors for Intergenerational Portfolio Management

Since 1995, Fort Pitt Capital Group has been committed to restoring and maintaining our clients’ wealth through proven strategies and financial aptitude. Many of our clients seek to pass this security on to the next generation when possible. If that is the case for you, our financial advisors for intergenerational portfolio management are prepared to help you explore your options and set those close to you up for a future of prosperity.

How Will You Ensure Next-Generation Financial Security for Me?

Today, you have the power to deliver financial security to the next generation. Intergenerational planning can help you lock in that power now so that regardless of how the economy changes, you can rest assured that your loved ones are cared for. Fort Pitt Capital Group will walk you through your options and help you make the right decisions for your situation regarding:

  • Investment management: We’ll keep your portfolio diversified so you can be confident in your growing financial status.
  • Asset coordination: Make sure your assets go to the right people after you pass on, sharing your wealth in whatever way you specify.
  • Financial advisory: We have the answer to almost any question you have about how your finances will change as you prepare for the future.

What Else Can I Do to Prepare for the Future?

As you make plans to maintain and elevate the lifestyles of your loved ones, Fort Pitt Capital Group also wants to make sure you’re ready to navigate your own future, whatever that means for you. One way to start doing that now is by setting yourself up for retirement.

While your goal in intergenerational planning is to ensure your loved ones are provided for, they’ll likely feel even better knowing that you’ve taken care of yourself first. Our wealth management services can help you prepare for retirement and set up inheritance accounts simultaneously.

How to Get Started

We strive to make your path to next-generation financial security as simple as possible. With these five steps, you can set up your system and leave it to flourish:

  1. Initial appointment: During your first appointment, we’ll get to know your specific goals and start planning how we can meet each of them. Be prepared to answer questions about how we can satisfy your preferences.
  2. Information requests: Next, we’ll dig deep into your finances to develop a strategy that makes the most of your current situation and allows you to grow exponentially.
  3. Plan negotiation: Our analysts will come together and finalize the plan we’ve created, tailoring it as closely as possible to your aspirations. We want to see you start thriving today and carry that success forward into the rest of your life — and the next generation’s.
  4. Plan confirmation: Once we’ve completed the first draft of our strategy, we’ll share it with you and ask for your input. We’ll continue adjusting it to your specifications until you’re ready for us to put it into action.
  5. Plan review: We’ll take action and ensure your finances are managed until you’re ready to pass them down. As the market ebbs and flows and your goals change with them, we’ll adjust the plan, so it continues fitting your needs.

Why Choose the Team at Fort Pitt Capital Group?

With Fort Pitt Capital Group, you have the security of knowing that every action we take is in line with our fiduciary responsibility. That means that our interests evolve with every client to align with theirs. Our motivations are clear — securing your finances in the ways you want, without any product biases or external motivations clouding our judgment.

Our team consists of some of the industry’s top analysts and certified financial planners, and our powerful trading system gives us an edge you won’t find elsewhere. As we move forward with your case, we’ll communicate with you through every step. You deserve to feel confident in your financial advisors for intergenerational portfolio management, and we’ll deliver with transparency.

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Intergenerational wealth management can protect your loved ones and give them the financial stability they need to live a satisfactory life. The Fort Pitt Capital Group team has years of experience working with cases like yours, and we are honored to serve your family with integrity and financial proficiency. Schedule a free consultation with our advisors today and discover the solutions we’ve honed to serve you well.

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Financial Advisors for Investment Planning

Plans for long-term financial stability almost always include building a diverse investment portfolio. This is because many low-risk investment options can yield results, especially after years or decades of letting them mature. Investment planning is useful for those looking to fund their retirement early and have plenty of time to see their investments pay off.

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, our certified financial advisors use on-the-job knowledge to develop portfolios that perform for people in every stage of their lives. We’ll help you consider every option and find the solutions that align with your goals.

What’s the Difference Between Investment and Retirement Planning?

Planning out your investment portfolio and deciding how to plan for retirement often go hand-in-hand. Investment planning is typically one strategy we use when someone wants to start preparing for their future, but it may also simply be a method for consolidating assets or securing them for future generations.

When you come to us for retirement planning, we’ll likely suggest looking at your investments along with several other wealth management services.

When Should I Start Planning for Retirement?

Planning for retirement is a lifelong endeavor. You should start preparing your finances early to mitigate extensive lifestyle changes later in life. However, any time can be the right time to meet with retirement planning advisors like those at Fort Pitt Capital Group. With years of experience, we’ll be happy to help you build a stable retirement plan that considers your goals and ensures you’re ready for anything your future has in store.

Our Process for Your Future

Choose Fort Pitt Capital Group as your advisor for investment and retirement planning. When you contact us, we’ll guide you through these five basic steps:

  1. Initial meeting: As we begin our working relationship, we aim to ensure everyone is on the same page. We want to learn about your investment goals and how we can set you up for the retirement of your dreams so we can begin developing strategies to do so.
  2. Information requests: With our initial meeting in mind, we’ll get started with research. We’ll request a number of financial statements from you to get an idea of where you are and what we’ll have to do to align your future goals with it.
  3. Plan development: Once we have all the information we need, it’s time for a plan customized for you. Our advisors pride themselves on treating every client with the unique care and attention they deserve, delivering a different result every time that meets your specific desires.
  4. Our relationship: Now begins the exciting part — sharing our findings with you and confirming the details. You always have the final say in any plan we present. Let us know how we can better serve you, and we’ll do everything possible to achieve it.
  5. Plan maintenance: Even after we implement your new plan, we’ll be a phone call away when you need us. As your life changes and you evolve, your plan may no longer suit you. When that happens, we’ll be ready to revamp our strategies.

Why Fort Pitt Capital Group?

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, our advisors take a personal approach to financial planning. From the start, we treat you like one of us and consistently show you why you can trust your financials in our capable hands. We firmly believe in the fiduciary duty of putting your goals first, without hidden fees or product biases to distract us from our mission. We communicate every step of your custom plan and how we navigate it with full transparency.

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Our retirement planning advisors have developed long-term financial stability plans for people in every stage of life for decades. You deserve to feel confident in your finances for the rest of your life, and with Fort Pitt Capital Group guiding you through, you can. Reach out to our advisors today to set up your free consultation and see what you have to gain with professional financial services.

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Fort Pitt Capital Group’s personalized solutions help our clients achieve financial success.

The result? Peace of mind.

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