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Our Core

Exceptional Client Service

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we work for people and manage money. We genuinely care about our clients and their success.

Investment Strategy

At Fort Pitt Capital, we understand that analytics and thought are needed to provide the best strategy that meets your goals. We stay steady throughout market changes  and design portfolios that capitalize your investments and preserve your legacy.


We pride ourselves in our transparency so you know exactly what is happening with your investment. We accomplish this with open communication and clarity when speaking with our clients.

Internal Expertise

Our team is made of financial consultants with decades of experience. We breathe life into investment portfolios and provide unique insights and strategies to ensure portfolios are personalized for success.

Fort Pitt Employees

Expertise is Critical to Client Success

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Your Peace of Mind Starts Here

Our mission is to lead every client to financial security by providing exceptional client service and advice with our customized, in-house portfolio management.


  • Step 1: The First Appointment
  • Step 2: Request Client Info
  • Step 3: Write Investment Plan
  • Step 4: Start Our Relationship
  • Step 5: Ongoing Review
  • Business & Institutions

  • Step 1: The First Appointment
  • Step 2: Gather Documents
  • Step 3: Plan Analysis & Proposal
  • Step 4: Present the Plan
  • Step 5: Ongoing Governance

When you’re serious about managing your money you need a trusted fiduciary investment advisory firm that will create a plan based on your unique needs. Our duty of care and loyalty puts the clients’ best interests first.

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As long-term investors, we need to focus on an extremely important point – markets don’t wait! They are forward-looking and historically bottomed well before whatever crisis caused the decline.

– Dan Eye, CFA®

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