Tip of the month: What is a wash sale adjustment and how can I avoid one?

The wash sale rule was created to deter investors from selling securities at a loss in order to collect a tax benefit. A wash sale happens when and if someone sells a security at a loss and then purchases the same security within a 30-day period before or after the sale. Investments that are subject to wash sale rules are stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, or anything you would[...] Continue reading
18 May, 2018

Don’t try to outsmart the fixed income market

When investing in the fixed income market, trying to time when you should invest has been a losing proposition for the last 20 years. Investing in bonds of high quality, well-managed companies, municipalities and governments, that meet investing needs, is the philosophy we follow here at Fort Pitt Capital Group. With interest rates expected to rise this year, staying[...] Continue reading
23 March, 2018

What to know about cryptocurrency

In recent months, it seems like one of the most talked about topics in the investment world is cryptocurrency. Investors constantly want to know what this hot trend is all about, whether they should invest, and what the future holds for blockchain, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and more. But, before we dive into our outlook on the space, let’s rewind and take a look back[...] Continue reading
23 February, 2018

The two-year has broken through to the other side

Have we finally begun seeing the normalization of interest rates in U.S. Treasuries? Although we’ve seen sudden rises in interest rates before, we haven’t seen a precipitous rise like we’ve seen in the last month. Although we often focus on the ten-year Treasury as the barometer of interest rates, the two-year Treasury is our focus at this point. The[...] Continue reading
12 January, 2018

Reviving your 401(k)

A few weeks ago, reporter Rebecca Lake from U.S. News & World Report wrote an article titled “How to revive your 401(k) in your 50s,” providing readers with tips on how they can breathe life into this retirement savings vehicle. I shared some of my insight with Rebecca, but wanted to expand on the theme here with additional viewpoints. For readers looking for ways[...] Continue reading
17 October, 2017

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