What Changes Are Coming to Social Security in 2024?

Over 70 million Americans, including those with disabilities and retirees, receive Social Security benefits. While the program won't undergo significant reforms in 2024, the new year will still bring a few notable changes to Social Security, impacting beneficiaries and retirees. Specifically, we'll see a benefit increase and higher earnings limits for early[...] Continue reading
7 December, 2022

Smart Tax Tips For Year-End & Beyond

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJjLfXZ0gu4 This provides detailed information on several clever end-of-year tax strategies and planning tips for the future. Consider these methods if you're looking for quick ways to get started before the year ends. Accelerating Deductions Reducing your income on paper can lessen your tax burden. This tax planning strategy can look[...] Continue reading
22 November, 2022

Intro to SECURE Act 2.0

The SECURE Act 2.0 is an update to 2019's original SECURE Act — or the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement Act. The first version of the SECURE Act brought numerous changes to required minimum distributions (RMDs), traditional individual retirement account (IRA) contributions, annuity offerings, and 529 plans. The SECURE Act 2.0 seeks to[...] Continue reading
13 June, 2022

Making Moves: Financial Considerations for Retirement Relocation

Retirement is a time full of new choices and exciting change. One of the biggest changes we often see individuals and couples make is opting to move across state lines, or even abroad, where they can start fresh and enjoy their golden years in a new location. However, as with any move, retirement relocation does come with a unique set of considerations that pre-retirees[...] Continue reading
3 October, 2018

Tackling Debt Before & During Retirement

When anticipating retirement, advanced planning is the common thread that binds your financial future together. Therefore, managing debt during retirement is easier when you have a plan. Approximately 10 years before retirement, reassess your financial position and create a feasible plan to pay down consumer debt -- that includes credit cards, student loans and car loans.[...] Continue reading
11 September, 2018

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