Fort Pitt recognized in RIA rankings

We are pleased to announce that we have been added to Financial Advisor’s 2013 RIA Ranking, which was released in the July issue of the magazine and featured on the outlet’s website. Included in the top 25 percent of all firms nominated, Financial Advisor based their ranking on reported growth in assets during 2012, assets per client, and other notable[...] Continue reading
17 July, 2013

Checks & Balances

Inevitably, when there is a run-up in the markets, people begin to ask: “Is it time to sell?” At Fort Pitt Capital, we believe a strategic long-term approach is vital for success. Therefore, our answer to that question is: “Not exactly.” In order to capture gains and take advantage of winning investments without trying to time the market, we use rebalancing in[...] Continue reading
25 June, 2013

One Size Doesn’t Usually Fit All

As retirement planning evolves, more people are putting an emphasis on individual retirement accounts rather than on Social Security and pensions. As a result, it is important that plan sponsors and individual savers understand the intricacies of these retirement accounts. In this post we are going to take a look at the differences between a risk-based asset allocation[...] Continue reading
20 June, 2013

Hedging Inflation in Your Portfolio

Even as the Consumer Price Index (CPI) remains quiescent, the potential ravages of long-term inflation remain a concern among investors. At Fort Pitt, given our long-term, value-based investing approach, we want to remind readers that while policymakers seem determined to generate some low-grade level of inflation, perhaps 1-2 percent, real problems can still arise when[...] Continue reading
22 May, 2013

A New Currency Is Born: BITCOINS

For those of you with further interest in Bitcoins, there’s an easy and fun explanation of the Bitcoin and its virtual world on the “Mother Jones” website click here. You may have heard about “Bitcoins” and wonder what they are. Sort of like electronic cash, they’re a virtual currency which people use to transact anonymously on the internet, avoiding the[...] Continue reading
30 April, 2013

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