Charlie’s Finance Articles October 2019

Charlie Smith in Wealth Management 31 October, 2019

Here are Fort Pitt Capital Group’s finance articles for October 2019:

Our first article, “Greta Thunberg to Poor Countries: Drop Dead,” comes from Mises Institute. Celebrity climate activist Greta Thunberg wants countries to drastically cut their carbon emissions. But this may hurt poorer countries because carbon emissions growth and economic growth track together.

Wolf Street supplies our next article, “Here’s what I’m worried about with the everything bubble.” Many disruptive new startups have yet to figure out how to make money. They rely on investor money to pay employee wages and keep their businesses afloat. But when the money runs out, investors may be left high and dry, as was the case with WeWork.

“A Light at the End of the Tunnel for the Global Economy?” comes from Zerohedge. Weak economic forecasts abound, but many weekly charts are telling a different story.

Our last article is also from Zerohedge, “Rates Tumbling Everywhere, Except Credit Cards Where They’ve Never Been Higher.” The Federal Reserve estimates the average interest rate on consumer credit cards is now 17%, making it the highest rate since they started measuring in 1995.

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