Charlie’s month-end reading list

Here are some of the latest topics of interest at Fort Pitt Capital Group:

The first article, “Nintendo reportedly moved switch production out of China over Trump’s tariff threats”, comes from Zerohedge. Nintendo has moved production of its popular Switch hand-held gaming console from China to Southeast Asia in an effort to avoid U.S. tariffs.

“Small business optimism roars back, rivaling historic highs” is from the National Federation of Independent Business. Optimism among small business owners has risen back to historic highs.

The next article, “Inside the effort to fix the troubled Boeing 737 Max” comes from The Wall Street Journal. Airline pilots are testing Boeing’s proposed software fix for the 737 Max in full-motion flight simulators. The troubled plane is expected to be flying again by year end.

“The world created by upside down interest rates” is from Barron’s. Five years ago, the ECB started its subzero interest rate policy thinking it would stimulate spending and revive Europe. Instead, people took the low rates as a signal to save more.

Be sure to check back next month, as we compile another round of interesting articles.

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