Employee Spotlight: Thomas Lindgren

FPCG in Employee Spotlight 17 December, 2018

This past October, we welcomed Thomas (Tom) Lindgren to the team. As an investment accountant at FPCG, Tom has hit the ground running and has been working closely with the back office team to support the day-to-day data oversight and maintenance of client activity and reports. As a new team member, we had the chance to sit down with Tom and find out more about his interesting hobbies, and plans for the holiday season this year.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

As an investment accountant, my basic responsibilities relate to internal data — auditing the data that comes in, checking trades, helping to maintain access to the client portal, checking the integrity of transactions, dividends, client withdrawals and complete activity in/out of client accounts. I will also help with quarterly reports for clients and assist with checking the data and overall distribution.

What brought you to FPCG?

I held a previous post at another investment advisory shop regionally, where (small world) Raquel Branchik, a portfolio accountant here, and I previously worked together. Raquel reached out to me about joining Fort Pitt, and once I understood more about the culture, the experience fit and Fort Pitt’s philosophies, I thought it was an excellent career shift!

You’re an avid reader. Tell us about your love for books.

I challenge myself to read anywhere from 3-10 books at a time. On the weekends, you will usually find me at Barnes and Noble on the hunt for anything in the fiction genre. I’m also keeping a focus on reading novels that have been written in the last 20-30 years. My favorite book of all time? The Shining. I’m surprisingly not into horror stories, but I absolutely loved the story and creepy aspect of the novel.

I’m also a board game nerd. In June, my and wife and I attended a board game convention in Columbus, OH., where we walked the aisles talking to game vendors and having demos of games that aren’t yet released. I love researching, buying and trying new games with my family and friends.

Any interesting plans for the holidays?

Speaking of board games, we of course are having a big group of family and friends together for a New Year’s Eve board game competition. I’m the Game Master, so I oversee the schedule of games that everyone will play. It’s always a blast – we play games, have food and celebrate at midnight with a champagne toast. The New Year’s Eve celebration has been a tradition among our friend group for the last 10-15 years, but only in the last three years have we added the competitive board game element.

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