Inside the Fort: One of our own inside the Pittsburgh Pirates’ dugout

Todd Douds in Fort Pitt News 22 August, 2017

It’s not every day just anyone gets to deliver the starting lineup at a Major League Baseball game in front of thousands of fans. But it happened recently to one of our own!

On July 18th in recognition of Fort Pitt’s commitment and support of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Reagan Sommariva, daughter of Fort Pitt’s Jay Sommariva, had the honor of delivering the starting lineup. Reagan first met with the umpires at home plate and then with Pirates manager Clint Hurdle in the dugout right before the team took the field.

Reagan, who was also recognized on the Jumbo Tron ahead of the first pitch as the Fort Pitt fan of the game, must have brought the team good luck, as the Pirates went on to defeat the Milwaukee Brewers 4-3.

Take a look at Reagan and Jay on the field!


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