Inside the Fort: Outreach Teen & Family Services

FPCG in Fort Pitt News 27 December, 2018

Here at Fort Pitt, we love being involved in our community in the Greater Pittsburgh region and giving back to different causes. Last month, Mike Blehar was featured in the Outreach Teen & Family Services (Outreach) newsletter for his dedication to the organization.

Outreach is a local non-profit community-based counseling agency providing professional, confident and affordable counseling to young people and their families. Years ago, Fort Pitt became involved with Outreach after learning about the tremendous work it does for teens and families in the area, making a true difference in people’s lives. Mike notes that Outreach is an important organization to support because often families don’t have the skill and patience necessary to provide the type of support and counseling that these kids need. The organization provides a solution, a safe atmosphere and has made an amazing contribution to the community by being there for those in need.

Click here to read the full Q&A in the November 2018 newsletter.

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