Inside the Fort: What we’re thankful for

FPCG in Fort Pitt News 22 November, 2018

Thanksgiving is a time where many people reflect on what they’re grateful for in their lives and to spend time with loved ones. Below, six Fort Pitt team members share what they’re thankful for this year both professionally and personally.

Michael Blehar, managing director

I’m thankful for the hard work and dedication of all of the people who work at our firm. Working with a client’s life savings is an awesome responsibility and our team does a fantastic job of managing our clients’ portfolios, providing exceptional client service and making sure the clients are getting sound financial guidance. As a founder of the firm, I couldn’t be more thankful for having such an enthusiastic and energetic team of people here at Fort Pitt Capital Group

Francesca Leverich, client relationship specialist

I am thankful that my entire family will be together to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am also thankful that my mother is still around, that my father is healthy and can take care of my mother, and that my sisters and the rest of my family are all healthy and doing well.

Chuck Mattucci, senior vice president

I am thankful for the wonderful colleagues that I work with and the positive environment at Fort Pitt Capital Group. Our industry can be very stressful sometimes but when things get stressful we pull up or sleeves, dig our heels in and work together to get things done! Our collaboration and optimistic company culture are what make FPCG such a great firm. I am not only thankful for this but also proud to work for such a great organization!

Cassie Denger, client relationship specialist

I am thankful for my friendships with my coworkers and the opportunities I’ve been given this year to grow personally and professionally. I am also thankful for getting to work closely with really intelligent, kind and motivating people every day!

Shawna Humbert, client relationship specialist

Although I may be a transplant to Pittsburgh, I’m thankful for my city and the people that have come together during a difficult time. I’m grateful that Pittsburgher’s rose above hate. Lastly, I’m grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met in my first year at The Fort.

Todd Douds, director of research and operations

I am thankful to work with a phenomenal team that cares so much about our clients. It takes the work out of working at Fort Pitt.

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