Preserve Your Legacy

Our bond strategy marks a more conservative investment approach, designed to produce consistent income without taking undue risk that could jeopardize your capital.

Portfolios Catered to Your Unique Needs

Your lifestyle doesn’t fall into a “cookie cutter” mold, so why should your portfolio? At Fort Pitt Capital, there is no one size fits all solution to money management. Our personalized approach to fixed income portfolios allows your advisor to work by your side to construct a portfolio that meets your unique financial needs.

A Balanced Investment Approach

At Fort Pitt Capital, we believe a balanced approach is the best way to produce income on a consistent basis, while minimizing risk. We build our bond portfolios from the ground up using top-down macroeconomic and bottom-up individual security analysis. We focus on the quality of the borrower, and their ability to fulfill their obligations. We create custom portfolios utilizing one of three categories – corporate, municipal or government, or we combine them into a diversified, multi-sector approach.

More Control Over Your Future

You shouldn’t have to relinquish control to invest for your future. Our strategy employs individual bonds, providing you with a cost effective alternative to portfolios of bond mutual funds. This way you maintain greater control over specific aspects of your portfolio, including credit quality, tax consequences and reinvestment rates on maturing securities.

Ongoing Review

Once a portfolio is constructed, we make sure it continues to meet the objectives it was designed to achieve. If a client’s goals change, or the investment environment shifts, we make adjustments to your portfolio to keep it in line with your needs.