Raquel Branchik

Portfolio Accountant



Raquel is primarily responsible for the daily reconciliation of financial activity in our clients’ accounts. As a member of the Back Office Operations team, she works behind the scenes to verify that our client’s accounts are reconciled to the penny. This includes auditing the previous day’s transactions and ensuring that the share amounts, market value and cost basis for the securities in the client accounts match the custodian


Shortly after graduating high school, Raquel was working for a temp agency and found herself placed in an investment firm. After learning the business firsthand, she fell in love with the accounting industry and has been building her knowledge and skills for the last 20 years.


Raquel participates in various activities in her church, and also has served as a mentor to inner city youth for the past 15 years. She has had the pleasure of traveling to Cambodia to teach English, and hopes to have the opportunity to return in the near future.

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