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Passive investing primer

Over the last several years, a debate between “passive” and “active” management has been raging in the investment industry. So far, the passive approach is winning – with the majority of net investment dollars recently flowing into index-oriented mutual funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Passive investing has become so popular that we thought it… Continue reading →

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Is the Fed upsetting your fixed income approach?

Earlier this month, I was featured in a Money magazine article where I answered a reader question about the Fed affecting bond prices and returns. We’ve seen that investors are increasingly jittery about the Fed potentially raising rates later this year. But, what investors need to know though is that the Fed will not directly… Continue reading →

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Where will the market go next?

Down… but not necessarily out

At Fort Pitt Capital, we describe our Individual Securities investment process as owning well run companies at reasonable prices and holding on to them. Our goal is competitive long-term portfolio returns, with overall volatility less than the market. As always, some names in the portfolio perform better than others in a given period. Over the… Continue reading →

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Rebalancing act: Portfolio moves to keep pace with rising interest rates

We continue to see positive signs from the U.S. economy. Economic growth remains steady, inflation is contained and employment statistics indicate that the Federal Reserve is making great progress in satisfying its dual mandate of price stability and full employment. Markets are therefore anticipating an end to the “easy money” regime, and it’s likely the… Continue reading →

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Protecting your money

Checking under the hood of your target-date fund

In a previous blog post, I talked about target-date asset allocation models and why at Fort Pitt we prefer a risk-based approach (check it out here). Recently, I was asked to offer insight to a piece about target-date funds. The piece asked the question, “Is your target-date fund ripping you off?” Taking a similar… Continue reading →

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