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2014 Client Appreciation Event: Transactions in my asset allocation account

The next video we are posting from our 2014 Client Appreciation Event features Senior Vice President Todd Douds, CFA answering a client question on transactions in asset allocation accounts. Watch the video above to hear Todd’s response to the question, “I saw a lot of transactions in my asset allocation account over the summer. What… Continue reading →

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Helping you keep what you already have

At Fort Pitt we don’t just place emphasis on growing your assets; we also focus on preserving what you already have. Taking into consideration your needs and risk tolerance, we put together an asset allocation strategy that protects our clients, while making sure they achieve their goals and objectives.

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Creating an all-star asset allocation team

As part of the asset allocation team at Fort Pitt, one of my main roles is to oversee investment manager due diligence. In the video segment below, I dive deeper into the qualitative and quantitative performance aspects that we look for in each of our investment managers, which in turn provides clients with exceptional investment… Continue reading →

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Checks & Balances

Inevitably, when there is a run-up in the markets, people begin to ask: “Is it time to sell?” At Fort Pitt Capital, we believe a strategic long-term approach is vital for success. Therefore, our answer to that question is: “Not exactly.” In order to capture gains and take advantage of winning investments without trying to… Continue reading →

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One size doesn’t usually fit all

As retirement planning evolves, more people are putting an emphasis on individual retirement accounts rather than on Social Security and pensions. As a result, it is important that plan sponsors and individual savers understand the intricacies of these retirement accounts. In this post we are going to take a look at the differences between a… Continue reading →

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