Adrianne Smith Employee Spotlight

Adrianne Smith

We sat down with Adrianne Smith, Client Relationship Specialist at Harrisburg’s Roof Advisory Group, a division of Fort Pitt Capital, to learn more about her job, favorite vacation spot, and how she fills her free time. Read on to learn more about her!

What are some of your day-to-day responsibilities?

As a client relationship specialist, my primary job is supporting the two central PA investment advisors by assisting with day-to-day client requests, scheduling client reviews and an array of other tasks. I am responsible for executing all client services from the time someone becomes a prospect to when they become a client. I also handle new account openings and transfer processing. 

What brought you to Roof Advisory Group?

That I get to interact and build relationships with clients! While I was in a similar position at my previous job, I was in the back office and only got to occasionally interact with clients over the phone. I’m a very outgoing and social person and Roof Advisory Group provides me with opportunities to tap into that by holding meetings with every single client. Getting to know the people we serve on a personal level has created a very rewarding environment for this extrovert.

What do you like most about your job?

It gives me the chance to build strong connections and rapport with clients. These relationships are crucial because I’m servicing their financial account and money is a deeply personal thing. It’s important for them to be comfortable with me.

What do you like to do after work and on the weekends?

Honestly, I’m a real homebody. I have two daughters, ages 21 and 7. I spend a lot of my free time with them, but if they’re busy with their activities, I like to just stay home and relax. 

Where has been your favorite place to travel to?

My favorite place that I’ve traveled to is Indian Rocks Beach in Florida. The water there was so clear and beautiful. Aside from that, I always look forward to our annual family trip to Ocean City, Maryland. This has been a tradition since my childhood, so it’s become like a second home. Ocean City Pro Tip: one of the best restaurants there is called Harbor Side. It’s a bit hidden, so be sure to search for it!

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

I love styling hair! When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a hairstylist. I am so lucky to have two girls with long hair who are all too happy to let me get creative with their locks. I’ve been known to create hairstyles for other family members, friends, and I’ve even styled hair for a few weddings!