Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy & historic impact on personal finance

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) was revolutionary in helping women have the ability to do things we take for granted that used to be considered a “privilege.” Recently, I was included in a Yahoo Money article highlighting the critical advancements made during RBG’s career. Ginsburg was instrumental in making it illegal for colleges to discriminate against women on the[...] Continue reading
9 October, 2020

Critical Investment Strategies For Downside Protection

Successful investment strategies are less about capturing 100% of the market’s upside and more about missing the potholes. Avoid the Most Significant Investing Mistakes The extreme volatility from the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis provided one of the most severe environments to illustrate this concept; while most investors have recovered their losses, the wild[...] Continue reading
26 June, 2018

Savings For Retirement – Your No-Panic Guide For Those Late to the Game

Different stages of life have their unique challenges and distractions when saving for retirement. The typical issues for those most investors in their 40’s are: Dealing with competing interests, which are most typically saving for retirement and children’s education. Creating a unified and coordinated strategy for meeting these goals[...] Continue reading
7 September, 2017

What Human Advisors Do That Robo Advisors Can’t

There are various attractive attributes to Robo Advisors (such as nominal costs and low investment minimums) however, Robo Advisors are still lacking a vital component of advising: critical thinking. Algorithms create a rule-based investment strategy but have no protocols to analyze intangibles such as human emotion. Robo Advisors are artificial intelligence, and[...] Continue reading
5 July, 2017

4 Steps to Dealing with a Corporate Merger That Impacts You

Corporate merger activity has seen a notable increase in Central Pennsylvania as of late.  The activity in the banking sector has been robust; Integrity Bank, Susquehanna Bank, and Metro Bank to name a few. However, the recent Rite Aid merger has really garnered the focus of the local merger and acquisition landscape. The majority of the media coverage surrounding a[...] Continue reading
21 December, 2015

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