Current Cyber Fraud Trends

Fort Pitt Capital Group in Cyber Security, Webinar 22 April, 2021

Hackers and those that commit cyber fraud are becoming more and more sophisticated. We understand the importance of protecting your family and financial assets from cybercrime and want to share the latest tips and tricks to keep you safe. In our next webinar, Fort Pitt Capital Group Advisor Daryl Patten has invited the leader of Fidelity’s Securities Services, Gary Rossi, to detail current cybercrime trends and actions you can take to reduce the risk of your information being compromised. This webinar will contain simple steps you can take today to mitigate your risks and better protect your financial assets by answering questions like:

• Make Yourself a Difficult Target for Cybercriminals
• Your Digital Footprint- Understand and Protect It
• Protect Loved Ones from Elder Scams
• Keep Your Home Secure- People, Possessions, and Information
• Safe Traveling Tips


Read more about cybersecurity here!


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