Use the Generation Gap to Your Advantage! Help Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

Today’s technology is a lot for anyone to grasp, and it might be especially challenging for family members who aren’t comfortable with new tech. One way to help loved ones stay safe and secure on their devices is to share strategies they can use to offset security risks. This recent SANS Newsletter provides some simple, but impactful tips to give loved ones to help[...] Continue reading
10 December, 2020

How to Recognize Social Engineering Attacks

Written by: Todd Douds, CFA® | Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer When we think of cyberattacks, we think of highly advanced or elaborate hacking techniques on our computers and accounts. On the contrary, a common technique cyber attackers use is tricking their target into giving them the information they want. This is called social engineering, a[...] Continue reading
18 November, 2020

Are Your Kids Staying Safe Online?

Kids are making the transition to the online world, and it’s never been a better time to talk about online safety. While they explore everything from online learning and education to social media and gaming, parents can help their children make the most of their online experience, and do it safely. This SANS Newsletter highlights areas to cover when preparing kids[...] Continue reading
21 October, 2020

Protect Your Social Sedia: Free Course

According to reports, it’s estimated that 3.6 billion people use social media across the world. More notable is that this number is expected to rise to 4.4 billion in the next five years. Social media has such an impact on our everyday lives, and while these platforms may seem like a fun and easy way to share photos, career changes, and general insight on trending[...] Continue reading
16 October, 2020

Make the Most of Virtual Conferences With These Safety Tips

Virtual conferences have become necessary for many people this year and they aren’t likely to go away anytime soon. The technology that allows us to do this will likely be a big part of our futures as people continue to use remote video for working, collaborating, and communicating with others. But to keep you and your family safe, you’ll want to do more than just[...] Continue reading
18 September, 2020

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