Cybersecurity Roundup

Todd Douds in Cyber Security 24 October, 2016

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so we’re offering readers a recap of the most important cybersecurity posts we’ve put together courtesy of The SANS Institute. In today’s digital age, when most communication occurs via the internet, it’s imperative that people take precaution.

Preventing a potential phishing attack

Email serves as one of the main ways that we communicate. However, since a large percentage of the world depends on it, it is one of the primary attack methods used by cyber criminals. This post addresses phishing and ways to protect yourself from becoming a victim.

How secure is your home network?

Our home networks have evolved to become more complex and unfortunately, cybercrime has adapted to keep pace. Here’s how to make sure your home network is secure.

Bah Humbug: Tips to stay safe when holiday shopping online

Tis the season! As we approach the holidays and the internet’s biggest shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday, find out how to take extra precaution when purchasing gifts online.

Keeping Children Safe Online

Today, our children are more internet savvy than most parents. This post looks at how parents can make sure their kids are surfing the net responsibly and avoiding the many risks that come with being connected.

How to secure your IoT devices

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is the connection of common, everyday devices that can be synced up to the Internet (for example: the ability to change your household thermostat via your mobile device while you are at work). While the introduction of IoT is an overall advancement, it does raise the risk of connectivity and cybersecurity issues. With this in mind, here are best practice tips for protecting IoT devices.

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