How Secure Is Your Home Network?

fortpitt in Cyber Security 10 February, 2016

Our home networks have evolved to become more complex and unfortunately, cybercrime has adapted to keep pace. Today, individuals must take certain steps to make sure their home network is secure. Otherwise, cybercriminals may creep in…

Our latest cybersecurity post from the SANS Institute offers individuals tips for creating a protected home network. Here are a few of the items included in their latest newsletter:

  • Don’t neglect to change the default administrator password. Most routers are sent with a default admin login and password and many are well-known and posted to the internet.
  • Consider using a guest network allowing your guests to access the internet, but your home network remains locked.
  • Disengage Wi-Fi Protected Setup, which allows a new device to connect to the network without a password and configuration requirements.
  • Take audit of all the devices you have connected to your network, use an app called Fing to scan your network and report every device connected.

Click the following link to learn how to properly protect your home network from cyber thieves:


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