Pre-Travel Measures: Stay Secure on the Road!

fortpitt in Cyber Security 22 December, 2015

If you’ll be on the road for holiday travel, you’ll find this month’s cybersecurity post to be helpful. Our latest update, courtesy of the SANS Institute, focuses on staying secure on the road. Some simple pre-travel measures can go a long way when connecting to the Internet and getting things done while traveling.

Take the precautions below to stay secure on the road:

  1. Do not use any public computers, such as computers in hotel lobbies, libraries or at cyber cafes. You don’t know who has used that computer before you; they may have infected that public computer accidentally or deliberately.
  2. Public WiFi access points should be considered untrusted. You are never sure who set them up, and you never know what is connected to them.
  3. Update your devices, applications and anti-virus software so that you are running the latest versions.
  4. Lock all of your mobile devices with a strong password or passcode. If you lose your device or have it stolen, this will prevent people from accessing your information.
  5. Do a complete backup of all of your devices. This way, you will still have all of your data in a secured location if something happens to them while traveling.


For additional steps on pre-travel measure, review the following:

Stay tuned for next month’s installment on cybersecurity!

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