Estate Planning for Retired & High Net Worth Individuals

Webinar: Estate Planning Advice for the Retired And High Net Worth

When is the best time to gift your house to someone? What tax situations will your children run into with a gift from you? What can you gift a child while still alive? Our recent webinar on estate planning for retirees and high net worth individuals answered all of those questions and many more. Brad Newman, our lead investment advisor in Harrisburg, moderated the informational webinar with special guest Vance E. Antonacci, Esquire, Chair, Estate Planning Group at McNees Wallace & Nurrick LLC. Vance shared that every estate plan is a blank slate, so you can account for any variables you want in the plan. Estate Planning for the High Net Worth Retiree Estate planning for high-net-worth individuals can be complex. In many cases, the beneficiaries of these individuals may face considerable capital gains taxes. Financial planning may be one way to lower the burden of these taxes. High net worth individuals also have larger estates, potentially with international assets and multiple beneficiaries, all with unique needs. Good estate planning offers peace of mind and ensures assets go where a … Continue reading Webinar: Estate Planning Advice for the Retired And High Net Worth

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