Tax Saving Strategy

Fort Pitt Capital Group in Taxes & Legislation 8 September, 2020

2020’s tax filing deadline has come and gone, but since it was extended to July this year, that means you have less than a year between tax filing deadlines. At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we believe it’s never too early to start thinking of ways to save money on next year’s taxes.

Click the video below to watch Fort Pitt Capital Group’s, Mike Blehar, explain a portfolio management strategy that can help you save taxes in the future.

Fort Pitt Capital Group did a study earlier this year and discovered that mutual fund portfolios distributed nearly twice the capital gain distributions over a ten-year period compared to a portfolio of individual securities. If you are utilizing mutual funds in a taxable account, you know how frustrating it can be some years to get a large tax bill even though the mutual funds returned very little. There is a way to remedy this! At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we save our client’s money by using individual securities in taxable accounts.

If you’d like to learn more about how this tax saving strategy works, please contact our firm and we can do a full analysis on your portfolio and let you know how we can help save you taxes.

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