What Happens to Your Money When You Die

Fort Pitt Capital Group in Webinar 21 March, 2024



Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisors, Daryl Patten and Cory Phillips, CFP®, CRPC™ host Ken Ventresca to discuss the realities of what happens to your money when you die. The presentation covers:

  • What happens to investment accounts when someone dies without a will?
  • What happens to their debt?
  • To whom should you make the first call to figure it all out?
  • What if my heirs are not good with finances?
  • Does my will avoid probate?
  • How does having a beneficiary on my account impact me or others?
  • What is the difference between a beneficiary on an IRA and a Transfer On Death on a brokerage account?

And more!

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