Money 101 Saving, Borrowing, and Wealth Building

You work hard for your money. So, make your money work hard for you. Join Fort Pitt Financial Advisors Chris Chaney, CEPA, and Paul Brahan, CFP®, CRPC™ as they create a guide to money, offering a comprehensive overview of building wealth, covering the following key areas: Understanding assets from cash to stocks and bonds Smart spending Strategic borrowing,[...] Continue reading
13 June, 2024

Smart Inheritance: How to Keep Wealth in the Family

    Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisors, Daryl Patten and Skylar Riddle, CFP® host guest speaker Ken Ventresca to discuss financial planning for multiple generations. The presentation covers: Structuring your family’s wealth plan Preserving assets for the next generation Minimizing taxes Financial literacy for the next generation And[...] Continue reading
9 May, 2024

What Happens to Your Money When You Die

    Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisors, Daryl Patten and Cory Phillips, CFP®, CRPC™ host Ken Ventresca to discuss the realities of what happens to your money when you die. The presentation covers: What happens to investment accounts when someone dies without a will? What happens to their debt? To whom should you make the first call to[...] Continue reading
21 March, 2024

Tax-Conscious Investing and Planning

    Fort Pitt Capital Group’s Financial Advisor Brad Newman, CFP® covers tax-conscious investing and planning topics like: The importance of collaborating with your CPA Qualified vs Non-Qualified Savings Corporate vs Municipal Bonds Roth Conversions Tax Loss Harvesting How to avoid huge unrealized gains Capital gains vs[...] Continue reading
12 March, 2024

When to Hire (or Fire) an Advisor

    Fort Pitt Capital Group’s Financial Advisor Ted Bovard discuss when and how to hire a financial advisor. He covers frequently asked questions such as: Which advisor is right for me? When should I hire or change an advisor? What questions should I ask a financial advisor? What does the investment process look like? What does Fort[...] Continue reading
29 February, 2024

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