Maximizing Your Military & Veteran Benefits

    Join Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor, Bryson Roof, CFP®, and Attorney, Michael Quatrini, as they discuss frequently asked questions regarding how to maximize military benefits, including questions related to Agent Orange, Camp Lejeune, and service-related injuries. About the Host: Bryson has a rich family history of patriotic military service[...] Continue reading
25 May, 2023

All About Trusts

    Join Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor, Chuck Mattiucci, as he hosts Senior Vice President and Head of Focus Fiduciary Solutions Ted Simpson to discuss the things you need to know about trusts. They will cover a range of topics, including: What is a trust Common types of trusts and reasons to use them Who needs a trust How to establish[...] Continue reading
26 April, 2023

How We Choose Stocks

    Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor, David Zabela, hosts Partner & Chief Investment Officer Daniel T. Eye, CFA®, Senior Investment Analyst Brian Jankowski, CFA®, and Investment Analyst Chris Barto as they share how our team decides what stocks we add to our clients' portfolios. They will cover your question on the following topics: Fort[...] Continue reading
13 April, 2023

Should I Sell My Business

  Join 3 Rivers Capital’s Managing Partner, Rob Carskadden, and Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor and Certified Exit Planning Advisor, Chris Chaney, as they discuss the financial, emotional, and social issues you need to address when selling your business. They will cover a range of considerations, including: Reasons to sell Reasons not to sell[...] Continue reading
24 March, 2023

How to Hire or Change an Advisor

  Join Fort Pitt Capital Group’s Financial Advisors Cory Phillips, CFP®, CRPC™ and Bill Engel, CFP® as they discuss the process of hiring or changing a financial advisor. Cory and Bill will cover frequently asked questions such as: Which advisor is right for me? When should I hire or change an advisor? What questions should I ask a financial[...] Continue reading
9 March, 2023

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