Navigating Healthcare Before 65

    Fort Pitt Financial Advisors Skylar Riddle, CFP®, and Emily Sippel, CFP® host Vice President of Insurance Services of Zelienople, Rachael Kirschner, and Rob Myers, to discuss what to know about healthcare coverage before age 65. They cover a range of questions and topics, including: How early retirement affects healthcare Career changes[...] Continue reading
11 September, 2023

Financial Planning: A Guide to Building Your Wealth

    Watch Fort Pitt Financial Advisor Emily P. Franco, CFP®, and Financial Planner Andrew Van Treeck, CFP®, as they review the basics of financial planning. The discussion will answer questions such as: What is a financial plan? Who needs one? Why is it important? What are the key components of a successful financial plan? How does[...] Continue reading
7 August, 2023

All About Insurance

    Watch Fort Pitt Financial Advisors Brad Newman, CFP®, and Myles Clements, CFP® APMA™ CRPC™, as they discuss insurance basics and how it fits into Fort Pitt’s financial planning strategy. The discussion covers: Fort Pitt’s holistic planning strategy Different types of insurance to address your needs Reasons why you might need[...] Continue reading
30 June, 2023

Maximizing Your Military & Veteran Benefits

    Join Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor, Bryson Roof, CFP®, and Attorney, Michael Quatrini, as they discuss frequently asked questions regarding how to maximize military benefits, including questions related to Agent Orange, Camp Lejeune, and service-related injuries. About the Host: Bryson has a rich family history of patriotic military service[...] Continue reading
25 May, 2023

All About Trusts

    Join Fort Pitt’s Financial Advisor, Chuck Mattiucci, as he hosts Senior Vice President and Head of Focus Fiduciary Solutions Ted Simpson to discuss the things you need to know about trusts. They will cover a range of topics, including: What is a trust Common types of trusts and reasons to use them Who needs a trust How to establish[...] Continue reading
26 April, 2023

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