CNBC: Amid market volatility, are factory automation stocks a long-term hold?

Last week, I joined CNBC’s “Squawk Box” to chat with host Andrew Ross Sorkin about ongoing market volatility and sectors that look promising given the current environment.

The segment focused on my thesis that a direct route to higher profits could be through higher productivity, and that investors may want to consider a long-term look at factory automation stocks.

One example of this is Honeywell, which is quickly becoming more of a software company. One of their business lines is Honeywell Intelligrated, which is a big supplier to Amazon in the automation of their distribution centers. This business line is building equipment to move goods where there is little human touch, so to speak, in and out of their distribution centers, and that’s been the fastest growing segment for about a year and half.

Andrew and I also discussed how factory automation and the larger industrial sector could fare in light of ongoing trade concerns and further recession scares.

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