Ensure tech-savvy kids are safe online

Today, kids are online from an early age for education tools, games and connecting socially with peers. While parents want to make sure that children behave in a safe and secure way, it can be difficult to navigate kids’ security since older generations didn’t necessarily grow up with the same technology access at their fingertips.

According to the SANS Institute newsletter, communication is the key to safety. Talk to children about online expectations and remind them they should behave online as they would in real-life. Setting up some online rules for your family can help set boundaries for the web. Here are a few things to get started:

  • Set up times for online use
  • Ask who children’s online connections are
  • Discuss appropriate websites to visit
  • Talk about what information they should and shouldn’t share via the web
  • Show how to recognize and report cyber problems like bullies
  • Ensure they treat others with respect online
  • Explain there is no anonymity on the internet
  • Let kids know others may not be who they say they are

Check out the full newsletter, Securing Today’s Online Kids, for more tips and insight!

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