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Earlier this month, I was included in a Financial Planning article that outlines how advisors are working with Gen Y, especially as this demographic faces unique challenges such as increasing student loan debt and a volatile job market. Reporter Martha White highlights that while advisors aim to attract younger generations, Gen Y came into adulthood during the market crisis and recession, and therefore is hesitant when it comes to investing in today’s market.

So, how can advisors attract and retain this group, who know the importance of saving but aren’t quite ready to take the leap into the investing world? “Investing for Gen Y: 5 rules to remember” outlines strategies and tips for advisors to consider for working successfully with this specific client base.

At Fort Pitt Capital Group, we welcome younger generation clients and understand that they may be facing financial challenges that their parents and grandparents did not. At times, this means dispensing advice that a more “established” client may not require, however, it’s important to work with the younger generation as they ease into these economically challenging times and feel more confident investing at a level that is suited for their age group.

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