Helping others protect against cyber attacks

While many of us are frequent users of technology and are familiar with how to use it securely, you may have family or friends who may not feel as comfortable. Being unfamiliar or intimidated by technology makes individuals susceptible to cyber attacks. According to a SANS Institute newsletter, there are five simple steps to share with loved ones to help them overcome their fears and protect against today’s cyber attacks.

  • The most common clues of a social engineering attack is when a cyber attacker creates a sense of urgency or pretends to be someone you know but does not sound like them. Additionally, don’t fall for scams that camouflage as something that is too good to be true.
  • Use passphrases when creating a strong password. A passphrase is simply made up of multiple words. It is also important to have a unique password for each device and account.
  • Keep systems current and up-to-date to effectively secure all devices. An easy way to do so is by enabling automatic updating whenever possible.
  • Anti-virus cannot stop malware, but can help detect and stop the more common attacks. As such, make sure that home computers have anti-virus installed and updated.
  • An automated file backup system is the only way to recover from mistakes or cyber attacks. Often, the simplest solutions are Cloud-based.

Check out the entire SANS Newsletter detailing the above here:

Helping others secure themselves

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