How to secure your IoT devices

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The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a phrase that has been circulating around as of late, and is the connection of common, everyday devices that can be synced up to the Internet (for example: the ability to change your household thermostat via your mobile device while you are at work). While the introduction of IoT is an overall advancement, it does raise the risk of connectivity and cybersecurity issues. With this in mind, what are best practice tips for protecting IoT devices?

First and foremost, experts suggest connecting only what you need. Be mindful of what devices you are hooking up to a Wi-Fi network – the more devices spread out over an internet connect, the easier it may be to breach. Additionally, consider isolating IoT devices to a separate network. If a hacker does manage to work his/her way into that network, it may be less at risk than say, your home network. No matter what network IoT devices are synced up to, make sure that they have strong passwords that you change often.

For more information about IoT and how to protect your devices, check out the following link:

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